How to get rid of dry elbows?

Not only the face, but also other parts of the body, especially those areas of the skin that are sensitive, such as elbows, need regular care. People often face the problem of dry elbows, without resorting to the required care for this area for a long time. However, with the onset of summer heat or exacerbation, the skin in this place often coarsens and cracks.

What is the reason?

So why does the skin on the elbows become dry? The causes of the ailment can be different, the most common is the disruption of the endocrine system. In this case, you should contact a medical professional who will choose the most appropriate treatment.

Also, dry elbows can be painful due to the lack of vitamins A and E. Dryness can also appear due to the lack of necessary cosmetic care or due to incorrectly chosen care products.

In addition, external factors, such as temperature drops or clothes made of synthetic materials, are of some importance.

In order to return to the elbows a normal state, it is necessary first of all to understand the reasons that led to the problem. This will help the doctor of the appropriate profile.

How to treat?

Dry elbows with thickened skin need moisturizing and exfoliating preparations. For example, similar properties have a salicylic ointment.

If there is an avitaminosis, the dermatologist will prescribe a complex of vitamins to compensate for the deficiency in the body. With a lack of vitamins A and E, drops of "Vetoron" or "Vetoron E" are good, which are taken in accordance with the attached instructions. In addition, it is important to revise the diet and include more fortified foods.

In the case of endocrine disorders in women, refer to the endocrinologist and undergo a course of treatment with mandatory follow-up care for problem areas.

Exacerbations are characterized by increased irritability of the skin, during this period, doctors recommend using such medications as Radev ointment, Lipikar balsam, Pitival and Atoderm creams. Drugs are applied to the previously cleaned painful areas twice a day.When there is severe itching, treat your elbows with bacon or fish oil.

It happens that skin problems are caused by inadequate care. Each hand washing procedure can be completed with moisturizing and nourishing the skin with suitable cosmetic products, without depriving your elbows of attention. For these purposes, perfectly suitable oil-containing cosmetics, which should be applied with massaging movements in a clockwise direction.

Greater efficacy demonstrate the cream, having in its composition alfalfa or chamomile. Such products have a softening effect and accelerate the healing of cracks. For rough skin, which has an uneven appearance, preparations with lecithin and glycerin will be suitable.

The deterioration of the skin of the elbows may be due to temperature changes, changing seasons. Peeling occurs, and sometimes unpleasant rash, indicating excessive dryness of the dermis. Such manifestations in this case can be considered as a sign of impaired water-fat balance of the skin.

What to do and what to do in this case? First of all, stop using soap, as it dries the skin.It is better to give preference to such alternatives as liquid soap and gels that have a moisturizing effect. While washing the elbows, massage them with a special hair brush with foam, which contains glycerin.

Useful oils

Oils with a softening effect allow dry elbows to return to normal. For these purposes, you can use, for example, sunflower oil, which we use when preparing dinner.

Heated oils can serve as the basis for night compresses, as well as for the preparation of trays. After the baths from the skin of the elbows, the keratinized particles are removed with the help of a hair brush, after which the skin is treated with a moisturizing cream. When peeling can also help stone oil, olive and linseed oil. Of course, ideally compresses of these oils should be done at bedtime.

When the problem is solved, do not be lazy and take time to preventive measures. These include masks with nourishing properties twice a week, peeling with scrubs, daily hydration of the epidermis. Such prophylaxis will make the skin soft and even.Both ready-made tools and those that you can cook at home with your own hands will do.

Folk methods

To reduce redness on the elbows, you can use lemon slices or a cotton pad dipped in rice broth, sauerkraut juice or grapefruit. Such ingredients can boast a bleaching effect.

It also perfectly bleaches sour cream and kefir, they are applied on dry skin for 10 - 15 minutes. Also remove the red leaves of cabbage, which should be applied to the problem areas. If there are deep cracks and fresh scratches, it is better not to use citrus juice.

You can make a mask of a small amount of crushed cheese or potatoes with honey. The mixture is applied and fixed with a bandage for 30 minutes. After that, the problem area is treated with a nourishing cream.

Here is another effective popular recipe. Mix hydrogen peroxide, fine salt, lemon juice and sour cream (it can be replaced with cream). Requires 1 teaspoon of each component. Mix everything thoroughly and apply on cleansed and flaky skin, not forgetting to put on plastic bags.After 30 minutes, remove and apply painful cream with nourishing properties.

To prepare the exfoliating scrub, you need ingredients such as honey, sour cream, coffee grounds, and fine salt. Components are taken in equal proportions. After making the mixture, apply it on the surface of the skin and wait a few minutes. Wash off the composition and, following the traditional pattern, rub nourishing cream into problem areas.

Do not give up and oil baths, for cooking, heat the vegetable oil and immerse the elbows in it for 10 - 15 minutes. After the indicated time, take a cotton swab and rub oil residue into the skin with the help of it. A starch bath is also very effective.

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