How to get rid of nightmares?


Suddenly appearing, nightmares envelop the soul of a person with fear networks. Immediately after sleep, the sleeper for 2-4 minutes can not come to his senses, thinking "Where is the dream, and where is it?" This problem is irrelevant if the horrors rarely appear. But when horrible dreams are constant, the person begins to think "How to get rid of nightmares?".

Most often, horrible pictures appear during REM sleep. This phase lasts from 2 minutes to 30 minutes and ends, as a rule, with the awakening of a person. At first he is scared, his eyes are wide open, his body is covered with sweat, his heart is beating furiously. A person experiences a panic condition, which gradually returns to normal. Scary pictures do not remain in memory, but for a long time a sense of horror and painful fear is recorded. How to get rid of this problem and when it is necessary to consult a doctor? We will try to find answers.

Who are having nightmares?

Many believe that nightmares are the prerogative of children. Statistics show that children in adolescence and adults have fears during sleep.And terrible visions during sleep are visited by 50% of adults. It is estimated that between 2 and 8 percent of adults suffer from recurrent nightmares. For some, this has passed on chronic pathology.

During night vision, people attend terrible pictures, he experiences strong emotions that make the heart work 2-3 times faster. Sometimes the pictures are so bright and real that a person wakes up and does not understand where the dream is and where it is. Images remain in the memory for a long time, causing a person to shudder every time he remembers.

This leads to mental breakdowns, stress, physical fatigue.

The differences between nightmares and horrors

Nightmares are compared with horror, although these are 2 kinds of stimuli.

Horrors are visions that are characteristic of the phase of deep sleep. Night terrors visit a person during the first 120 minutes of sleep. A person experiences an indescribable feeling of fear at this time. Some horrors are characterized by movement. A person can twitch the arm, leg, all muscles can tremble. Pain and fear awaken and make a person awake to experience a strong shock.
Nightmares occur during the REM sleep phase, closer to the morning.A person does not know how to get rid of nightmares, because these are disturbing dreams with horrible pictures. They differ in the reality of what is happening. Everyone sees their images, but most often these are traumatic events that happened in real life.

How to get rid of nightmares?

Sources of night terrors

In adults, horrific dreams often appear spontaneously. But often they are the result of psychological trauma (depression, stressful disorders or anxiety).

Remember what negative moments you experienced. Maybe you lost a job, a child or a loved one fell ill, an operation is due. If such events have occurred in your life, then you should not think about how to get rid of nightmares in a dream. They will leave with a traumatic situation.

In such cases, you should consult a doctor.

Other sources of nightmare dreams include:

Overeating before bedtime. The routine of modern man suggests that dinner is the only full meal. A person after work is so hungry that he is ready to take a double portion before going to bed. During sleep, the body digests food, it becomes hard to breathe, the heartbeat increases, causing terrible vision. How to get rid of nightmares in a dream in this case, you decide.Eat sooner or take a walk before going to bed.

Internal anxiety and experiences. Try to keep a diary of scary dreams and previous events. Establish the relationship of events. To understand what scares you in a dream, draw images and think what it looks like. Record all events, regardless of their importance. Re-read the list and highlight points that really disturb you. So you will understand what causes anxiety not only during the day, but also at night.

Some of these experiences cause stress and depression, which negatively affect the quality of sleep. Try to distract from the problems and relax. Eat on time, go to bed, calm the labor rush. Pay attention to sports exercises, gymnastics, enter into the diet new products. After all, even the strongest body needs rest and variety.

Partially they remain in the subconscious, even if you do not think about them. At that moment, when a person is as relaxed as possible, they make themselves known. To drown them, try to remember about pleasant moments before going to bed, scroll through them in your head and fall asleep in a favorable mood.

Sometimes, in order to understand how to get rid of night fears, you need to think about your own secret desires. You muffle and suppress, but dissatisfaction manifests itself in nightmares that come in a dream. Do not force yourself to do something that you absolutely do not like.

How to rid yourself of nightmares?

Night terrors and terrible pictures knock a person out of working condition and do not give a full rest. If you see them regularly, find a way to get rid of it. In cases where nightmares in a dream are the result of restless legs syndrome or breath hold (apnea), you need to get qualified help. Medications and therapy will also help you get rid of nightmares - the result of depression, stress, and post-traumatic disorders. The doctor individually prescribes treatment that will eliminate anxiety and panic disorders.

Try to identify the causes of nightmares and eliminate them. Eat at least 2 hours before bedtime. Accepted food can speed up the metabolism, giving signals to the brain, forcing it to activate. Please note that food with more sugar acts on the subconscious more intensely.

If during the day you experienced a strong shock, try to do some relaxation exercises before going to bed:

Reading pleasant literature, knitting is a simple activity that soothes the nervous system perfectly.
Meditation and yoga - quiet exercises help purify thoughts and relieve stress. Practice at home in the evening. A few minutes is enough for relaxation.
Hot bath with salt - after a physically and morally difficult day, hot water is perfectly relaxing. Feel how the negative emotions of the past day are washed away, and your mind is filled with calm thoughts.

How to get rid of nightmares?

Nightmares can result from drug therapy. Consult a doctor if you think that this is the source.

Reducing the dose or the abolition of the drug can cause terrible night dreams. The horrors will disappear as soon as the body gets used to the new changes.

Drugs from hypotension or hypertension, antidepressants can also cause nightmares. Consult a doctor who will replace the drug with another drug.

Relaxing atmosphere - the guarantee of a quiet sleep

Lack of healthy sleep can cause depression and chronic fatigue, which leads to nightmares. It turns out a vicious circle. Try to interrupt the chain, creating a full-fledged atmosphere for a healthy sleep. To do this, create a pleasant aura in the bedroom:

time to clean things, dust, wipe the floor;
ventilate before leaving the room;
bed linens, it causes pleasant sensations;
set the white noise generator, which will block the adverse sounds;
Use the bedroom only for relaxation, not for work.

Perform exercise before bedtime, which will give pleasant fatigue. Just choose an activity that will bring you joy:

exercise with the load;

Exercise up to 6 times a week, a few hours before bedtime.

Nicotine, alcohol, caffeine content stimulates the brain, preventing good sleep. Reduce the amount of these substances or stop their use no later than 4 hours before bedtime.

For a better association, try writing a script or drawing a favorable ending to a terrible dream.

Encourage pleasant dreams

Adjust yourself before bedtime. Imagine a place where you were calm: the beach, a forest glade, a summer cottage. Recreate sounds, smells, colors in your thoughts. With every minute, plunging into the abyss of sleep, think about the good. Imagine yourself as a positive hero: a princess, a superhero, an actor, a traveler. Try to focus on your goals. Imagine how you occupy a long-awaited position, find a loved one or acquire a figure of your own dreams.

In Europe, it is customary to discuss problems with the psychotherapist. In Russia, the best psychologist is a friend or a friend. Talk to them about your nightmares and tell them what scares them. Keep a diary and write in detail the images coming in a dream. This will help to look at the fears from the outside.

Find time to rest during the day. Unload thoughts from the negative, relax, to avoid stress.

How to prevent nightmares?

Adjust your thoughts on the positive: watch comedies, read classic literature. Avoid unpleasant conversations, negative news. Remember the pleasant events of the current day, of the week.Build plans for the weekend, as you meet with friends or relatives. Avoid thinking about possible unpleasant incidents that may happen.

Air the room before bedtime. Excessively hot or cold air creates discomfort and leads to nightmares. Remember that nightmares are unreal.

Relax and calm down before bedtime, discuss with your loved ones what torments you. Embrace of a native person will certainly help if you are frightened. If you follow these rules for several months and still do not know how to get rid of nightmares, consult a doctor.

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