How to get rid of the habit of being late?

The habit of constantly being late is very quickly becoming a huge problem and even a bad habit, which is equated with overweight or smoking. Getting rid of it is not so easy as we would like, but the whole problem is that many people do not even realize its full seriousness.

Perhaps someone has already experienced the full consequences of the "innocent character", and someone else is only in the stage of accumulating grievances from relatives and colleagues who are already tired of believing in your ability to come on time.

"I'm always late!" It is with this phrase that the patient and psychologist start talking in many foreign clinics, because they have long recognized that this is a bad habit, which is not always possible to cope with the banal translation of arrows for 15 minutes ago. Even realizing the seriousness of the problem, a person simply can not cope with his life style.

No, of course, you can try and make a couple of times in principle to arrive on time, however, this effect is likely to be temporary, and, therefore, will not save you from the problem.And the translated arrows back, which supposedly should stimulate you to earlier charges, will not help - you will still realize in your mind that you still have free time left.

But what to do if you are constantly late and can't do anything about it? The habit of being late sometimes has fatal consequences in life: a missed interview, a plane that is already accelerating along the runway, a broken date and a broken boss patience at work.

It’s not very pleasant to deal with such situations, although, no doubt, they stimulate well and even help to change for the better, however, by no means all and not always.

In any case, the issue must be approached comprehensively: it’s not just a particular lateness, but, in general, the inability to organize your free and working time. Often, we do not have time by a certain date solely because we overestimate our own abilities, setting ourselves too many goals.

Learning to identify priorities

The result of too many goals and tasks, in the variety of which you are trying to “insert” a couple more, leaves much to be desired: being torn between them, you simply do not have time anywhere and leave behind a train of offenses and problems.What to do? Set priorities!

Think, that from the whole sea of ​​affairs and cares for you it is most important and reconcile with the thought that it is simply impossible to do everything at once. If you have an important interview on your nose, do not try to stop in front of him in a couple of places, look through all the available literature and run out of the house at the last moment.

Today the main goal is an interview, so make every effort to be in the right place not just in time, but at least 15 minutes.

Use the alarm clock

Perhaps you did not guess, but the alarm clock can be used not only to get up in the morning. Sometimes a person is not able to properly plan a sufficiently long period of time, for example, several hours before the release.

There is one simple, but very effective advice that helps a lot in self-organization: divide your free time into small intervals, delimiting each of them with an alarm signal.

Think about how much time you need for breakfast, shower, checking mail or watching news, selecting a wardrobe and set the timer for each segment. The main thing is to move responsibly from one stage to another according to the signal.

Get ready for the morning and leave the house in advance

The main thing to do before going out is to pack up! Think about how you start the morning? The fact is that most of us used to spend almost all morning in our pajamas with a mug of favorite coffee in front of a computer or TV screen.

Some remember about the time almost five minutes before the expected exit time, on the move, dressing and tinting eyes almost at the metro station. The result is a late arrival, an untidy look, and even, perhaps, an uneaten breakfast.

You need to do otherwise: immediately after waking up, take a shower, get dressed and collect all the necessary things, clean up and, only after that, start having breakfast, drink coffee and browse the pages of interest on the Internet. Agree, you can turn off the computer in a couple of minutes, but it’s unlikely to pack up.

Sometimes the cause of constant distraction and tardiness is too many actions that need to be done just before the exit. For example, many in the morning leave the collection bag, ironing and wardrobe selection, preparation of lunch or school fees child.

Do everything possible the day before, even if at that time you no longer want to fuss.But literally the next day, you will understand how it greatly helps and saves precious time.

Do not give yourself discounts

Stop making excuses all the time, if you are late - take all the blame on yourself, apologizing to the one you made to wait, maybe someday you will get tired of constantly feeling guilty. Sometimes coping with an addiction is not given by too loyal friends or relatives who are ready to wait for you for hours on end, constantly “getting into the situation”.

Ask them to stop waiting all the time. And indeed, after you have a couple of times, getting through traffic jams and cursing from the next rush, roll to the appointed place, it will quickly set you up in the right mood.

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