How to get to know guys

How to get to know guysHow to get to know guys? In any case, we must somehow get acquainted! If the first step except you do no one - then make it. In addition, meeting new people is interesting. And remember - men need to look in their eyes!


I understand perfectly well that we live in the twenty-first century. But what happens if you suddenly drop a handkerchief? Practice dropping this object in different ways - and perhaps the one who you like will pick it up and return it. Men, practice dropping cell phones. Remember zolushkin slipper? There is definitely something in this! And do not forget about the smile! How to get to know guys?


Everything has its time
Tom recently came to his senses after an unsuccessful attempt to start a romance with another chosen one. He perfectly knew how to meet girls, but he didn't have a long relationship with anyone. In his heart, Tom was a monotony: once he found a woman who liked him, he immediately stopped meeting all the others. He too quickly focused on one girlfriend.


There is nothing wrong in finding a mate for yourself and stop all other dating. This usually happens when a person meets a suitable partner for a serious relationship. But it often happens that, before making a choice, a man or woman does not even try to go on dates with different people. That is, he or she initially begins to meet exclusively with one chosen person or chosen one. If the relationship is broken, then such people are hard to find another partner, but also the only one. In their life there is no period of easy and varied relations. But let's remember the rule: when you often meet different people, you eventually realize what kind of person you need. Naturally, if you already have some serious relationship in your life, then you will no longer meet with everyone. I’m talking about a completely different thing: if you have broken a serious relationship, don’t rush to immediately enter into new ones, take a breather, go on dates, but let them be light, non-binding meetings with different people.


Usually you start to take seriously a person who is very different from the rest. “It was something special.All the others in front of her just faded away, ”I often heard these words. But how can you single out one or one of many if you did not have the experience of meeting many? Let's go back to Tom. I gave him the rule: not to meet with a single woman. I advised him to meet with five at the same time. To meet in this case meant to have a non-binding relationship, to communicate. I am not a supporter of ambiguity, she offends women. And Tom was required to make it clear to his counterpart: now he has no serious intentions, he spends time with different girls. I wanted Tom to take advantage of every opportunity to make a new acquaintance. Meetings were supposed to be a pleasant pastime for him - and nothing more. If Tom is good with a girl, let him rejoice, but no more. If a girl starts to claim more, Tom should tell her that he does not intend to enter into a serious relationship yet. He needed to prevent the rapid transition from easy communication with a girl to endowing her with the status of the only one.


Unfortunately, Tom did not follow my instructions. He seemed to have begun to behave as I told him, but soon he fell blindly in love with one woman, and everything returned to normal.It's a pity, but I do not lose hope that after some million of the first unsuccessful novel, Tom will understand what's wrong. I asked Tom to meet several women at the same time for a number of reasons:


He should have mastered step-by-step dating strategies.

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