How to get to Mytishchi?

Igor Frolov
Igor Frolov
January 13, 2015
How to get to Mytishchi?

Mytishchi district is one of the largest districts of the city of Moscow. In the broad masses, the district became famous primarily because of the unfavorable criminogenic situation. Although this attitude to Mytishchi is currently unjustified and lives exclusively at the level of leisure gossip - over the past ten years the city has changed a lot, many new shopping centers have appeared here and housing construction has been actively developed.

In this article we will tell you how to get to Mytishchi from Moscow, as long-distance trains and buses do not stop here.

By train

Trains to Mytishchi depart from the Yaroslavl station daily from 4:50 to 00:56 with an interval of 6-20 minutes. The fastest way to get is to take the regional express train, which is sent from the same Yaroslavsky railway station daily at 7:19, 8:19, 9:19, 9:49, 12:59, 18:04, 18:34, 19: 36, 20:04, 21:04, 22:19, 22:49, 7:34, 8:34, 10:20, 16:19, 17:19, 17:49, 18:39, 19:19, 20:19, 20:49, 22:04, 8:54, 10:54, 14:05, 21:19, as well as additional hours on weekdays. The travel time of the RECs is only 18 minutes.

On the bus and shuttle bus

You can go by public transport to Mytishchi:

  • From m. Medvedkovo - № 169, 177, 170, 199, 197, 314, 419, 502;
  • From metro station VDNKh - №576, 392, 578, 567, 412, 551, 451, 499, 392, 317, 388, 316, 388х, 317;
  • From the platform elk on a minibus 547;
  • By bus Express car from Schelkovskoe highway, home 52 at 08:55, 18:55;
  • From the Taininsky platform on the 24th bus at 09:06, 09:08, 10:13, 19:01, 19:23;
  • From Yaroslavsky station by bus Express car at 12:55, 20:55 and at 23:25.

By car

If you decide to go to Mytishchi by car, the distance from the center of Moscow will be about 23 km. You will need to move up, along the Yaroslavl highway. In the area of ​​the station Elk will need to turn left, turn back to Moscow. Next, after leaving the Moscow Ring Road, after refueling, you will need to turn into the first turn to the right, on Trudovaya Street.

There is another option, how to get to Mytishchi by car. This time we will move along the Ostashkovskoye Highway. Leaving the Ring Road and reaching the overpass, you will see a sign to the right on Mytishchi. You will reach Volkovskoye Highway, drive to the first roundabout and go to the right on Mira Street.

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