How to grow up?

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How to grow up?

Many of us, while still children, dreamed of growing up. This trend is quite relevant in the modern world. Teenagers and children want to be adults, to be respected, to have complete freedom of action, to decide for themselves what to do, they are burdened by the so-called obedience to parents. But growing up is not in these categories, but primarily in the fact that a person clearly distinguishes between such things as good and evil, wisdom and stupidity, an adult person will be able to curb the manifestations of childish and youthful maximalism, emotions when they are superfluous and will also be ready to be responsible for the actions and actions they have committed themselves, which is a considerable responsibility to the community and to themselves.

For more details on what is meant by adulthood on a psychological and moral level, see our article What does it mean to be an adult.

What is the difference between an adult and a child?

To answer this question, we must consider it from various sides (although, of course, there are situationswhen a child, by the level of his development and individual qualities, grows into an adult, and this may depend on certain life circumstances):

  • First of all, an adult is a carrier of a certain life experience and knows much more about real life than a child or teenager, who is still limited to a certain social area, for example, a school or kindergarten.
  • An adult is forced to restrain his emotions in public, because this is dictated by the ethics of a truly adult and conscious member of society. Children in this case is easier, they are free and more free in the expression of their emotions. Two periods of growing up of a child are especially noteworthy: 5-7 years old - the preschool period, when children have a very changeable psychological state and youthful maximalism, through which all adolescents pass, from puberty to adolescence.
  • An adult is responsible for himself and his family, while the child is still responsible only for himself, but even this is not always possible, because at the subconscious level, children feel the support of their parents and the ability to shift the right of responsibility for their behavior to their shoulders.
  • The child is almost entirely and completely dependent on the parents, both materially and psychologically. An adult is his own support and depends only on himself.
  • Physical features also play a distinguishing role in defining an adult and a child.

According to the latest statistics in the field of sociology, the infantilization of society has reached its apogee, many 30-year-olds behave like 15-year-olds, and 40-year-olds - like 20-year-olds, this is not the norm.

How to grow up

How to grow up quickly is a rather serious question, the answer to which is different for every teenager or child, since all people are different. Do not rush to grow up! Think about the fact that you will never regain a carefree childhood, and you will always be able to begin adult life with responsibility for actions, for your behavior, where there is no longer a strong parental shoulder.

  • Try to listen to the advice of parents and elders, perhaps teachers at school, family friends, older generation - grandmothers, grandfathers, because who, if not these people, can share wise advice with you, give a word of thanks when you make a serious decision in your of life.It is these people who will give you good advice if you are in a situation of choice.
  • Try as you grow up to be responsible for each step and deed, in other words, have your head on your shoulders, do not shift the responsibility on the shoulders of others.
  • Everything comes with experience, so be patient, in the process of acquiring certain life skills and skills, that very process of growing up will take place.
  • Visually grow up to help you choose the right makeup, hairstyle and style of clothing, depending on your specific style. Visual maturity is no less important than internal, because your interlocutor first pays attention to your appearance, and in tandem with your behavior tandem can play both a positive and a negative role, everything is exclusively in your hands.
  • Control your own desires and emotions. Do not behave like a child when it is inappropriate.

In order to grow up both a girl and a young man, it is necessary to think about the future, about the family, about the career, about the future, that is, about such things that will later play a decisive role in the fate of each of both.A young man should feel responsible for himself and for his soul mate.

The life goal is also one of the landmarks of growing up of a young individual. After all, to achieve the goal a person solves certain tasks, often difficult and makes difficult decisions.

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