How to hide the pipe above the ceiling

How to decorate the pipe?

Usually pipes are placed in special decorative boxes, if they are laid in the corners - the so-called vertical risers. However, this method is suitable in order to hide the pipes above the ceiling. To do this, you need to mount a light box and place a pipe in it. It must be remembered that in such a box it is necessary to make technological openings through which access to the meter and the shut-off valve is made. Make a box is quite simple. To do this, you need a frame made of metal, which you need to cut grinder to the desired size, and then fix it on the wall or ceiling. The box is fastened to the wooden walls and ceiling with screws, and if the house is brick or panel, you will need to pre-drill holes into which the dowels are driven. Such work is easiest to perform with a perforator.
The most difficult moment in collecting the box is its fastening. If the length of the box is large enough, it will bend over and vibrate, so you need to install additional supports. This is done with the help of squares.The prepared and attached metal profile frame can be sheathed with plastic panels. When buying do not forget to clarify whether the panels are resistant to heat. Ventilation holes must be left in the panels. So that they do not spoil the appearance of the room, you can trim them with decorative bars. Decorating pipes using a box has a significant advantage - it’s not necessary to coordinate your actions with public utilities.

Method of hiding pipes

In some cases, stipulated by regulatory documents, pipes can be hidden in the walls or ceiling. This method is popular in brick and panel houses. In order to hide a pipe, a wall or a ceiling is made down (make a recess). The nuance is that such pipes can not be immured tightly. We have to make a removable design with ventilation holes. Before repairing, it is necessary to thoroughly think up the design of the room in order to understand whether the removable panel will fit into it.
A popular way to hide pipes above the ceiling is through various hanging elements. True, a suspended ceiling is the least convenient option: it does not provide access to pipes, and if such access is suddenly needed, the suspended ceiling will have to be completely dismantled.The optimal solution in this case is plastic panels fixed in a metal profile frame. Fragments of such a ceiling, over which there will be pipes in the future, can (and should) be made removable. This method allows you to quickly access the pipes and preserves the aesthetics of the room.

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