How to hold an open competition

To conduct an open competition, organize an advertising campaign in the media. This is the main condition of this promotion. Notification of it must necessarily be present in newspapers, magazines, on radio or television.
If you have specialized courses, choose specialized publications, radio and television broadcasts. It is not necessary to spend budgetary funds for advertising in mass programs and print publications, for the viewers and readers of which your offer is not interesting.
Notify about open competition at least two or three months before it starts. So, every interested person can contact you and conclude a contract or apply for participation.
Simultaneously with the advertising campaign, look for the venue of the competition and prepare the job. Do not make them too complicated if your main task is to draw attention to the school. But if it is already quite popular, and the number of places is less than the number of applicants, it is worth preparing questions that can show the depth of knowledge.
If your school does not have a room that can accommodate a large number of people, rent it. This can be done by contacting state universities. Their audiences and conference rooms are rented fairly cheaply and equipped with everything necessary.
Before the competition, buy paper, pens, print out the questions. At the entrance to the room where it will be held, put two employees who will register who came.
Analyze all the results of the work. Select those that meet all requirements. Call their creators and invite for an interview.
Remember that the results of an open competition must be published in the media. It is not necessary to do this in a popular and, accordingly, expensive edition.

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