How to increase your vocabulary?

Want to become more educated, wittier and more eloquent? Then replenish your vocabulary! But how to do it quickly and without problems?

How to replenish the vocabulary of the native language?

  1. Communicate more with intelligent and educated people, their vocabulary is certainly much more diverse and wider than yours. You can find those in the open spaces of the worldwide network, in clubs, among your colleagues or groupmates, friends, in the end. And try to conduct conversations on complex topics in order to learn as many new terms as possible.
  2. For each word, try to pick up synonyms and actively use them, it will make your speech richer and more diverse. If you cannot remember a single word with an identical meaning, then connect dictionaries (by the way, there are special synonyms dictionaries, their use in this situation will be optimal).
  3. Read books, and not only modern authors, but also well-known classics. And while reading, focus on each phrase, and not just on the essence of the story and the plot.If you do not understand something, refer to the dictionary and find out the meaning of an unknown expression, word or phrase.
  4. After reading a book or at least its chapter or even several pages, try retelling the text, but not with your own simple words, but using the phrases and expressions used by the author. This will make it easier to remember new words.
  5. Read best out loud. After all, if you practice reading “about yourself”, then often you simply quickly run around the line, pick up the meaning, but do not notice certain words, and some of them can expand your vocabulary. And when you say each word, you will certainly hear something unfamiliar and you will want to find out the meaning.
  6. Get the dictionary of the Russian language, and the most modern one is better, since it will contain the largest number of words. You should not try to read it completely in one day, in this case you just do not remember anything. It is better to learn a few words every day, and to learn fully, that is, to delve into the meaning and fix it in memory.
  7. Learn poems. This will not only expand the vocabulary, but also significantly improve memory and, therefore, quickly memorize new words.
  8. You can learn not only poetry, but prose, for example, quotes from famous people, aphorisms, excerpts from works, and so on.
  9. Watch educational programs and documentaries, it is useful and very interesting.
  10. To increase your child’s vocabulary, just talk to him as much as possible. Tell about the processes and phenomena occurring both in human life and in nature. Talk about character traits, qualities. In general, transfer to the child all that you know, it is very useful and necessary in modern life.
  11. Any new word you hear, be sure to write down, and at the first opportunity learn its meaning.

How to learn more foreign words?

If you need to increase the vocabulary of English or another foreign language, then you should act a little differently, since the process is more complex.


  1. Read books in the language you are studying, preferably artistic, since when writing them the authors usually do not skimp on a variety of words and complex phrases, and studying them will definitely be useful for you. All unknown concepts immediately write with the translation.
  2. Watch movies in a foreign language, it is interesting, fun and useful, and also enjoyable. But it is desirable to watch well-known films, that is, those that you have already seen with the translation, this will allow you to quickly and correctly understand the meaning of unfamiliar words and phrases.
  3. Find an interlocutor with a perfect command of the language and preferably living in a country in which the language you are studying is state or one of the main languages. Communicate with him as often as possible and do not hesitate to ask to clarify unfamiliar words. By the way, communication can be carried out both personally (this is more pleasant and interesting), and online, that is, via the Internet, or through correspondence.
  4. You can use modern mobile applications or computer programs, some of them are simple, but at the same time allow you to significantly expand the stock of foreign words.


Tips for those who decide to develop and increase their vocabulary:

  • When you learn a new word, immediately try to use it in your speech. Try to make a few sentences or at least phrases with it, in order to be able to flash eloquence and education in the future, rather than "bluff", using the term inappropriately.
  • The entire vocabulary can be divided into active and passive.The first is used often, the second is hidden in memory, but is practically not applied. But it is the latter that is more extensive. So, in order to become more educated, one must learn and strive to use words actively from passive stock. After all, knowing them and not using them is somehow wrong and useless.
  • To not just learn new words, but also memorize, write them out. For these purposes, get a separate notebook and always carry it with you to be able to make a note at any time.
  • Try not to use word parasites, they clog your speech and greatly spoil the impression of you. Exterminate also jargon and mate, this also does not color.
  • Modern expressions like “cool”, “cool”, “pipets”, “tin” and so on are replaced by more cultural phrases such as “excellent”, “funny”, “I admire (a)”, “I'm in shock”, "I'm at a loss," "it's so unfair," and so on. At first it will be difficult, but over time you will get used to it.
  • To find out the meaning of new words, use only reliable sources of information, the best dictionaries.
  • Solve crossword puzzles. This is not only exciting, but also very useful.
  • To quickly memorize new words, use images, associations.
  • If you don’t have time to read ordinary books, then listen to audiobooks.
  • You should not read blogs and forums, many of them are filled with unnecessary information.

And now proceed to expanding your vocabulary!

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