How to install a gas boiler?

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How to install a gas boiler?

The process of installing a gas boiler in the house for most of us seems to be a very difficult, almost impossible task for the average person. In fact, this is not such a difficult job that you can do after reading this article.

Before you install the boiler, you need to decide on a room that will meet all the requirements of building codes and regulations (SNiP).

Where can I install the gas boiler

To the room in which it is planned to place the gas boiler, the following requirements:

  • floor space should be at least 4 square meters. meters;
  • ceiling height from 2.5 m;A gas boiler
  • the presence of a window and a free doorway width of at least 80 cm;
  • if the boiler is suspended, then the wall to which this boiler will be attached must be sheathed with fire-resistant material;
  • if the boiler is floor standing, it should be installed in a special recess (30–50 cm), the walls of which should be made of sheet steel or cement mortar;
  • there should be a chimney for removal of combustion products;
  • at a distance closer than 30 cm from the place of installation of the boiler there should be no electrical and gas appliances.

The installation of the boiler begins with the preparation of such an important element as the chimney, which needs to be arranged differently in a high-rise and private house.

Chimney device

The chimney is one of the most important elements of any gas boiler, which makes the use of this unit safe. The chimney should provide constant good traction for removal of combustion products. In private homes, as a rule, the chimney is displayed through the roof. If we consider the installation of a gas boiler in an apartment building, then it should be installed in the outer wall. For thisChimney deviceit is necessary to make a hole in it with a diameter corresponding to the diameter of the chimney you purchased (usually it is 10 - 12 cm). When arranging the chimney should always remember the following requirements:

  • the diameter of the chimney is selected based on the values ​​specified in the instructions for the boiler;
  • the chimney should rise at least 50 cm above the ridge upon reaching the roof;
  • the chimney must have a hole for cleaning;
  • no more than three turns of the chimney are allowed;
  • a length of pipe (usually corrugated from aluminum foil) connecting the boiler to the chimney should not exceed 25 cm.

How to install a wall mounted gas boiler

Boiler preparation

Before proceeding with the installation of a wall-mounted gas boiler, it will not be superfluous to check the contact connections, for very often it happens that the contacts are moving during transport. After you are convinced that everything is in order, you can proceed toa gas boilerremoval of transport plugs on the boiler pipes. As a rule, the heating circuit in the boiler must be checked at the factory, so there will be water in it, and when opening the plug you can also hear characteristic cotton, which will mean the release of pressure from the circuit.

Next you need to take care of sealing compounds. To do this, you need to wrap with a fum-tape absolutely all threaded ends of the boiler pipes, winding it clockwise. If the boiler is double-circuit (works on heating the water in the heating system and hot water supply (HWS)), then it is necessary to fasten transitional nuts to all four "water" pipes, on which nuts of transitions from metal to polypropylene will be screwed (American).

Preparation of the wall and pipelines

A mounting plate is fastened to the wall, to which the boiler will be suspended. The height of the strip is selected for reasons of ease of maintenance of the boiler.

On the cold water supply pipe to the boiler it is necessary to install coarse and soft filters. To ensure that filters can be removed and cleaned without emptying the system, it is better to install shut-off elements on both sides of the filters. The hot water pipes for the heating and hot water systems are only equipped with shut-off elements.

Gas connection

Gas is connected via a corrugated steel hose.a gas boilerwhich is screwed to the gas pipe of the boiler with a nut with a gasket. After connecting the hose, be sure to check the tightness at the connection. This can be done with the help of a soap solution applied to the junction. If the bubbles on the solution are not inflated, then the connection is tight.

If the boiler is volatile, then it must be provided with a voltage regulator that will save the boiler from power surges.

How to install a gas floor boiler

Floor boilers are more powerful and reliable, which makes them indispensable for installation in private homes of a large area. Before buying a boiler, you need to make sure that all the pipes are in places convenient for you and nota gas boilerwill require additional refinement of the existing heating system.

It is necessary to install the boiler as smoothly as possible on a specially equipped place. At the cold water inlet, coarse and mild filters should be installed with ball valves on both sides. Hot water pipes are also equipped with locking elements.

Gas connection is made in the same way as in the case of the wall-mounted boiler.

Boiler start

It is as important to launch a gas boiler as it is to install it correctly. At the beginning of the cold water inlet valves. At the same time you will hear how the water will fill the pipelines of the boiler. After the water completely fills the boiler system, you can turn it on. The internal circulation pump starts pumping water through the heating system, and soon you will feel how the first radiator heats up.

It may happen that after reading this article and even watching videos on various resources, you are not sure that you fully understood how to install a gas boiler.In this case, it is better to contact a specialist who will produce all the work with skill.

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