How to introduce a guy to his parents?

You meet not so long ago and did not really have time to get to know each other.

In this situation, everyone is at risk: a guy who can get in for questioning the KGB in the form of your dad and mother, and you, since after that a newcomer to the hand and heart can escape.

The guy does not know your cunning plans about dating

There can be a real embarrassment, and you will find out that he did not build far-reaching plans.

The opinion of parents is important and indisputable for you.

If you do not have confidence that the guy will like and "get accustomed", you should postpone your acquaintance for an indefinite time, until you decide that this person is really dear to you and that the parents' opinion will not change anything.

Parents know nothing about your personal life, and you decide to make them a surprise.

There may even be bloodshed, especially with a strict dad, who suddenly wakes up a talent for priprikalyvatsya over a new groom in the form of questions "When is the wedding?" Or "Why do you have an earring in your ear?".

How to introduce a guy to his parents?

Anyway, it is important to understand: for parents you are a beloved daughter,and your boyfriend is an invader (although for his parents he is an adorable son, and you are just another girl whom he will have a million, well, in their opinion). Oh, how difficult it is for them to accept the fact that “this incomprehensible type” is now staring at the “little girl”. Therefore, it is at the first meeting that it is important to do everything so that your boyfriend finds a common language with your relatives and inspires confidence.

And if you nevertheless decided to meet, it is better to do everything right and arrange the parents to the young man.

To begin, you must prepare all participants for the meeting. Yes, so that they have a good impression about each other. For example, telling parents that your friend likes to drink and is a fan of computer games is optional. Focus on the positive qualities of your boyfriend. If he has a piercing or tattoos, think, maybe you should "take off" everything for a while or wear clothes that hide body jewelry - out of harm's way, so to speak.

Well and the last, it is necessary to think over questions which parents can ask. Believe me, almost all normal moms and dads will ask where your new best friend is studying or working and what his future plans are.Answer: “I have no plans, I work, where the shabashka will turn up” or “Not your business,” they will not be satisfied. I know couples who answered only what their parents wanted to hear, and with each correct answer, +10 in their eyes. Nothing terrible happened because of this, the guys began to see life guidelines more clearly.

A small story on this topic: “We're going to meet a girl, I have long refused, but finally matured. Before the threshold she says: “Do not be afraid, they will simply look at you”. The door was opened by a woman in a torn robe and with a frying pan in her hand. And so evil asks: "Is he there, or what?" And grabbing me by the jacket, pulls me into the apartment. In the living room there are four more: muzhiks with tattoos in vests and women in curlers. Drink vodka with beer and fish. And also some grandfather is sitting, tied up, in an armchair. A woman in a tattered robe represents everyone to me, poking at each griddle. Pointing to the bound man, he says: “My grandfather is on the armchair. We always knit him drunk, otherwise he will beat everyone”. For about three minutes I was silent and stared at this company stupidly, my knees buckled, my voice was gone. Thought swept through my mind, how to jump from the fifth floor, bypassing the whole gop-company. And then they began to laugh.It turned out that they played me like that, they took revenge for the fact that they did not want to get acquainted with the year. A make-up and costumes from a neighbor in the theater took. This is the first successful acquaintance! ”

How to introduce a guy to his parents?

But seriously, parents are just people. Older, with your life position, with unimaginable experiences for you and a huge life experience. But first of all they are your friends, who wish you only good.

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