How to keep a good relationship

If you feel that there are misunderstandings between you and your partner, try to identify them. Understand why intimacy began to go away, and how problems began. Try to calmly talk to the person, discuss the situation. If he goes to contact, perhaps the problem will be exhausted. However, people do not always go to the contact, so you should be patient and wait for the right moment to talk heart to heart.
Often problems inrelationshipmay arise because of your own illusions - do not assume that the feeling of love will accompany you for the rest of your life. At the same time, one should not be afraid of mutual conflicts - silencing the problem leads to a rupture, and therefore conflicts must be exhausted, throwing energy and aggression into a positive direction.
Try to keeprelationshipthere was no stability and stagnation. Stagnation leads to extinction, so in yourrelationshipsomething unexpected and unusual must always happen.
Another rule for maintaining good relationships is confidentiality. If you quarrel, and you have problems, do not carry them out of your home. No one except yourself should know about them, not even the parents of a husband or wife. Your conflicts concern only you, and only you must find a way out of the situation.
Be tolerant to a partner, learn to understand and accept its shortcomings, assessing its merits. Do not try to re-partner - it does not lead to anything good. Only those couples who accept each other for what they are, create strong and durable families.
If you have felt the onset of the crisis, do not press within yourself the insult and anger. Be sure to say everything you feel in a calm and sensible conversation with your partner.

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