How to keep seedlings of garden roses in early spring

You will need
  • - Saplings of roses;
  • - Plastic (wooden) box with holes (a flat box made from fruits and vegetables is very convenient);
  • - Polyethylene film with an area of 1 * 1 m;
  • - scissors;
  • - A large snow drift (preferably on the north side of any building in your garden);
  • - Spade;
Scissor small holes in polyethylene (so that the plants do not "suffocate" and do not lock during storage).
Fold the rose seedlings horizontally in the box, wrap the box in the perforated film.
Bottom in the snowdrift of your choice, dig a hole-cave, the size suitable for the installation of the box, place it there and fill the side of the hole in the snowdrift with snow. Your �roshed� will be free of snow at the end of April, when it will be possible to plant beautifully preserved seedlings into the ground.

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