How to knit a hat for children in 2018

You will need
  • - yarn;
  • - Knitting needles.
Take measurements from the head of the child. For knitting, give preference to soft yarn, preferably without long fibers, otherwise they will irritate the face. In addition, to make the cap beautiful and with perfect knitting, choose threads with a smooth structure. The cap will consist of double hem and the main part with pom-poms. Before work, be sure to tie the sample.
Type on the spokes an even number of loops, for example, 80 loops. 1 row knit facial loops, the second, perform purl. Work with each successive row according to a drawing. Do not forget at the beginning of each row to remove the edge loop, which forms a smooth edge of the canvas. Make a total of 10 rows. Now knit according to the “cloves” pattern: * 1 nakid, 2 loops together, made with facial *. Back knit on the pattern, that is, purl loops. It is in this area that the teeth will subsequently be located, which are well formed when bent.
Continue to knit 10 more rows with the front satin stitch, and then repeat the above “teeth” pattern.Knit the wrong side with the purl loops. All this gives a dense gum, as well as a double gate on the circumference of the head. And both on the top and on the bottom side it will be decorated with a beautiful frame in the form of cloves.
Proceed to knitting the main web cap. To do this, after the last (purl) row, work according to the following scheme: * 1 front loop, 1 purl *. After the end of this series, continue to knit in the same way, only each face loop do not loop itself (as is traditionally done), but at the same time into it, and into the loop of the previous row. Knit the purse unchanged. Perform on this principle only facial loops in all rows (both facial and seamy) until the end of the work. This will give a very smooth groove-braids.
At the level of the top of the head close the loop. Sewhatfrom the seamy side of the main seam - from the neck to the crown. Please note that the seam at the folds, on the contrary, is sewn from the front side. Handle the top edges of the cap. To do this, you can make on the cap only 4 taps, then fix them with a decorative seam. At each received top corner of the cap sew a pompom (possibly on a cord).Much more can be done, after which they are also tightly decorated with seams, and one or several pompons can be inserted in the middle.

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