How to learn to do splits - video tutorials and exercises

People admire the flexibility of gymnasts and athletes. One gets the impression that these athletes have no joints and bones, because they easily sit on the splits and do incredible stunts. After what he sees, he is interested in learning how to sit on the splits at home.

The body of the athlete is the same as the common man. Through training, he made stretching perfect, and a good stretching is useful to everyone. If you go to the gym or participate in group workouts for fitness, you are probably faced with muscle cramping. Proper stretching helps to avoid such trouble. You can do the exercises and learn the twine at home, if you set a goal and exercise flexibility.

Do I need a good stretch? The question is interesting. For a person who leads a sedentary life, a warm-up is enough, which provides for a series of tilts and stretches.People involved in gymnastics, martial arts, swimming, yoga or dancing without flexibility and stretching are indispensable, and the splits are an indicator of the elasticity of ligaments and muscles.

Twine is useful even for people who are not friends with professional sports. Feel the flexibility of the body nice. If you set out to master the twine, then you decided to challenge laziness and prove to others that there is nothing impossible. I will help you with helpful tips.

Helpful information

Together with the ability to sit on the splits stretching helps to cope with pain after exercise, reduces the risk of injury and speeds up the recovery of muscle tissue. Stretching will benefit both the future mother and the person who wants to impress.

Flexibility of the body prolongs youth, because it affects regeneration and metabolic processes. But the ability to master twine is an individual trait.

  • . It is believed that the body of a woman is easier to adapt to the load, because the female body is more flexible. Male acrobats, wrestlers and gymnasts who sit on the splits prove that training is the key to success, and not belonging to the floor.
  • Age. In his youth to master the splits easier. A small child, thanks to movable joints and stretching ligaments, is able to learn how to sit on the string during the day. This does not mean that a thirty-year-old man will not cope with the task.
  • Natural data. People have a different body constitution, and each species is stretched differently. It all depends on the parameters of the muscles and features of the skeleton, the length of the ligaments, the presence of elastin and collagen in soft tissues. Even in children, the flexibility is different.
  • Physical training. A person who masters a twine from scratch is harder to achieve a goal than an athlete with stretching skills. In addition, muscles and ligaments quickly lose their elasticity. Even a small pause in training pushes success.
  • Drinking and eating. Thanks to a balanced diet, muscles get protein, which provides flexibility and recovery. It does not allow to gain weight, which prevents the development of twine. More important is water. A person who does not have enough moisture in his body will not be able to master the splits.

The ability to sit on the splits, as well as the speed of the process, depends on the constancy of training and discipline.To achieve the result, it is recommended to practice daily for half an hour. In this case, before training, the body must receive a force load.

Step by step video training

You can learn how to sit on the splits even without additional exercises, paying attention to stretching. It is recommended to practice in the morning. In the morning the body responds better to training. As a result, it will take less effort to achieve the goal.

Basic stretching exercises

If they decided to make the stretch perfect, this goal is commendable. She brings a sense of pride, and the splits will endow you with pleasant bonuses, including good coordination of movements, strong walls of blood vessels and muscle tone.

For this to happen, you have to work hard, gradually mastering the twine. You can do this under the supervision of the coach or yourself. In any case, it is necessary to perform basic exercises, oriented to training stretching.

  1. Workout start with a warm-up. Unheated muscles do not stretch well. As a result, ruptures of ligaments occur during the session. After getting injured, the splits will have to be forgotten until the ligaments recover.I recommend initially to engage with the instructor, and after a few classes to go to independent training.
  2. Energetic swing limbs, rotations, bends torso and head. The first ten minutes of warm-up. Then switch to static and dynamic exercises for the splits. Beginners are advised to start with dynamic exercises, creating a smaller load on the ligaments and joints.
  3. The appearance of sharp pain - the first sign of injury. If this happens, stop the workout and relax, and apply a little ice or cold object to the point of pain. An exception is the pulling pain that accompanies the attempt to sit on the splits. She testifies that muscles work, stretch and become elastic.
  4. Exercise number 1. Sit on the floor and put straight legs in front of you. Heel to focus on the floor, and socks upward. Reach your hands to your feet, clasp your fingers and pull over. Then try to lie down on your knees with your belly and chest without bending your legs. Three approaches for half a minute is enough.
  5. Exercise number 2. Sit on the floor and spread your legs wide. Bend to both legs alternately.In the process of training the toe of the foot pull over, not bending the knee. For each leg, do three repetitions, and between the approaches stretch to the center, trying to descend as low as possible.
  6. Exercise 3. Take a standing position, putting your legs as close as possible to each other. Without bending your legs, bend over your body and reach into the floor with your palms. Initially touch the floor with your fingertips, then increase the angle of inclination. At first, there will be difficulties with keeping the straight legs. I recommend hugging your knees, which will increase flexibility and pump muscles.
  7. Exercise 4. Standing on one knee, straighten the other leg in front of you. Bend over to a straight leg and reach to the floor with your palms. Then gradually descend, performing springing movements. This will help gradually increase the load and control the sensations. After a few minutes, repeat the approach for the second leg.
  8. Exercise 5. Exercise resembles the previous version, just put the supporting leg on the toe and straighten it. Initially, this will not work, so try to straighten the back leg to the maximum. With your hands on the floor, slowly lower the pelvis.Over time, master the longitudinal splits.

Cross twine is a more difficult trick that requires effort. Begin its development after an ideal longitudinal stretch.

While performing the above exercises, evenly distribute the load on the legs, breathe deeply and without delay. Twine is easier if stretching is oriented to all muscle groups.

Video lessons

How quickly master the twine depends on the listed parameters. Consider, even girls who have been involved in sports since childhood, but have not encountered stretching, can’t quickly go on the splits. Do not expect to get on the splits for a week or a month. Prepare for systematic and lengthy sessions. As a result, in six months the stretching will be perfect.

8 steps to perfect twine

Twine - an indicator of flexibility. It is used in gymnastics, martial arts and dance. Some people easily stretch the stretch to perfection, while others have difficulties. Practically everyone can master the trick.

For training, you need the right equipment - light clothing made of natural material, a place to practice, a rug, perseverance and determination.

  • . First of all, warm up the muscles with jumps, sweeps, bends and intense walking. The minimum warm up time is 10 minutes. During this time, prepare the body for exercise.
  • . Sit on the mat and stretch your legs, straighten your back, and with your hands reach to your toes. Reaching for your fingers, linger for half a minute and take a deep breath. Repeat fifteen times. Be sure to watch your back and do not slouch.
  • . Sit with your left foot facing forward and the right foot at right angles to it. It is not easy to occupy the position, so at first help your legs with your hands. After a few minutes, swap your legs. Always maintain a straight back and a right angle.
  • . In the supine position, raise your legs at a right angle to the body and, spreading it to the sides, take a minute pause. After the legs connect, lower to the floor and take a break. During the first workout exercise, repeat ten times. In the future, increase the number of repetitions, alternating with rest.
  • . Take a standing position and in turn as high as possible raise your legs, keeping your back straight. Twenty sweeps are enough for a start.Later, raise your leg, fix it at the end point for half a minute. Next, take your legs to the sides with a delay.
  • . The next exercise should be done standing. The first thing to do is a quick lunge with one foot and after forming a right angle, do a few swinging and crouching movements. Then change your leg. I recommend doing the exercise for five minutes.
  • . In a standing position, lift one leg, bend at the knee and press to the chest. Put your foot aside and fix it. Then, with the help of your arm, move your leg to the side, as far as possible. After changing the leg, repeat the exercise.
  • . Having taken a standing position, throw the leg on the back of the chair, window sill or kitchen table. Then, gently bending the leg, make movements with the body in the direction of the support on which the leg is located. After fifteen reps change your leg.

Doing exercises, do not stretch the muscles until the appearance of colorful circles before your eyes. Feel the measure, otherwise you risk injuring the muscles and joints, which will not allow the dream to come true.

Video Tips

I recommend performing the listed exercises diligently and constantly, otherwise you will not reach the goal. Stretch your muscles smoothly and slowly without sudden movements.Train relaxed muscles, otherwise waste energy.

For several days after training, the body will be ill. This does not mean that you have to give up the dream. To relieve muscle pain will help bath or hot bath, and during workout, listen to music.

If you cope with laziness and do daily exercises, after a few days the pain will go away, your posture will straighten up and your walk will become easy.

In conclusion, let's talk about the age at which you can learn to sit on the splits. If you think that people who have the perfect stretch, are engaged since childhood, you are mistaken. Practice shows that you can master the trick at any age. It all depends on the approach to training.

Mastering the twine at the age of twelve is easier than at age 50, but this does not mean that a person at age 50 will not be able to learn it. Enough to show zeal.

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An interesting grandmother lives in my house, who decided to go in for sports at the age of 64. Every morning she did exercises and did the exercises, and the splits became the crown of achievement. It took a lot of time, but she achieved her goal, and she also improved her health. Agree, an ideal example to follow.

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