How to lose weight with exercise?

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How to lose weight with exercise?

The beach season is approaching and more and more people are trying to remove the flaws of their figure and lose a few extra pounds, but not everyone knows what exercises you need to do.

Sports: how to lose weight with exercise

First, you need to know that there are two types of loads: aerobic and anaerobic. In order to lose weight, you need aerobic exercise. What does aerobic exercise mean? In simple terms, these are high-intensity exercises that strengthen your heart and help burn fat. By the way, from the word "aerobic" originated the well-known "aerobics".

Types of exercise

There are two types of aerobic exercises: endurance and strength. If your goal is to lose weight, then the ratio of these exercises should be 2 to 1 or 3 to 1. That is, endurance exercises should be two to three times more than strength exercises. Endurance exercises include jogging, walking, cycling, swimming.

Training scheme

In order to lose weight with exercise, you need to approach their implementation systematically. That is, it is better to study for 20-30 minutes two or three times a week than to work hard for an hour and a half, but once a month. For a start, two 30-minute classes per week are enough. Gradually increase the workload to three to four 40-minute workouts per week.

Make and keep a training plan:

  • Begin class one hour after meals. After the end of the workout, do not eat another hour, at least.
  • Each workout, start with a warm-up (5-7 minutes): walking in place, the tilt of the body to the right-left, waved his arms and legs.
  • The main exercises (running, press, push-ups) start only after warm-up.
  • Finish your workout with stretching exercises.

Try to count the days of training so that between them were approximately equal intervals of rest. For example, do Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.

A good set of exercises that promote weight loss, you can see below.




In order for your kilograms to melt before your eyes, exercise alone is not enough. You need to adjust and nutrition, reducing the number of calories consumed and increasing the number of burned. Carefully monitor the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in your diet.Remember that some exercises are difficult to achieve the perfect figure. Since, for example, a well-inflated press may be hidden under a layer of fatty tissue, and from this your stomach will appear even more.

You should not torture yourself with diets and fasting during intense physical exertion. Try to eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, eat boiled meat. But sugar, all fat and flour exclude from the diet.

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