How to lose weight with the help of hidden gymnastics

1. Rub your palms to warmth. If you have high heels, it is better to take off your shoes.

2. Place your feet on the floor. We train the muscles of the leg, raise and lower the heels. 40 repetitions.

3. The next exercise fixes the result. The same as with heels, but now the socks of the feet are working. 40 repetitions.

4. We work on the gluteal muscles, compress and unclench the muscles of the buttocks - 40 times.

5. We train abdominal muscles. We pull in the abdomen while inhaling, as we exhale, we stick out. 15 repetitions are enough.

6. We connect to the training of the back muscles. Keep your back straight, shoulder blades will try to move as close as possible to the spine, the shoulders do not move. 40 repetitions.

7. Arm to the side, lift to shoulder level. Intensively squeeze and unclench fists. 40 repetitions. We train the muscles of the hands.

8. Turning the head to the left and right by 90 degrees. 40 repetitions in each direction.

9. We continue to work with the muscles of the neck. Pull the chin forward - 40 times.

The first days of gymnastics are the most difficult, because you have to force yourself to remember these exercises every hour. But then it will be difficult for you not to make these them, as the result will not take long! Good luck!

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