How to make a certificate of wages

When filling out a certificate of salaryboardat the beginning it is necessary to fill in the general data; These include general classifiers, such as year, certificate number (assigned by the tax agent) and the date at which the certificate is filled out. This is followed by the "sign" field, in which the numbers 1 are indicated (if the certificate is submitted as an annual report (paragraph 2 of article 230 of the RF Tax Code)) or 2 (if the tax agent reports that it is impossible to withhold personal income tax (paragraph 5 of article 226 of the Tax Code) RF)). After the field "IFTS (code)" is filled in, this is the four-digit code of the tax authority in which the tax agent (organization or individual entrepreneur) is registered with the tax authorities. The first two digits are the region code, the last two digits are the tax code.
Next, fill in the first section of the document, which is devoted to the data on the tax agent. Initially, it fills in the INN taxboardlischika, hereinafter the name of the organization and the surname, name, patronymic ofboardthrough the delimiter "/". Next, the OKATO graph is filled, i.e. the code of the administrative-territorial unit in which the organization is located. OKATO codes are contained in OK 019-95 (OKATO) "All-Russian Classifier of Objects of Administrative-Territorial Division". Information on the OKATO code can also be obtained from the tax authority at the place of registration. The next requisite is a telephone, in this box it is enough to indicate the telephone number of the tax agent.
The next step is to complete the second section, which contains data about the individual - the recipient of income. In this section, you must specify the last name, first name, middle name, TINboardcitizenship and other general information.
Next, the third section is completed, which includes data on the income of an individual and the amount of tax deductions. At the beginning of the section indicates the interest rate for which the certificate was compiled. In this case, you should make a reservation about certificates and interest rates. If taxboardIf the taxpayer is taxed at 9% and 13%, then for each tax rate you should make a separatehelpabout salaryboard. Further the table of incomes by months and tax deductions is filled. The certificate can be filled in for 6 or 12 months depending on what it is being done for.
In the fourth section, "Standard, social and property tax deductions" are noted, these are the amounts of taxes actually granted.boardstandard tax deductions, property tax deductions, and social tax deductions.
The final section is the fifth section "Total income and tax for the tax period." This section contains general, summarized data on income and tax deductions of an individual.
The validity of the certificate of wages - 30 days.
Helpful advice
Contact the accounting department in advance, because it takes time to compile a certificate.
  • Order of the Federal Tax Service (FTS of Russia) of November 17, 2010 N ММВ-7-3 / 611 @

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