How to make a decorative vase of wire

You will need
  • - strong copper wire;
  • - nippers;
  • - scissors;
  • - dark electrical tape;
  • - trimming fabric;
  • - hot glue.
First, make the basis for the future decorative vase. To do this, cut a piece of the necessary length from the wire and bend it either in the shape of a square or in the form of a circle, but do not fix the ends.
Now cut the pieces of the same length from the copper wire for the walls of the future decorative vase. Their number can be any, in our case 6. Then, at the ends of each segment, make small loops. To do this, bend the ends of the wire and twist around the base. If you want to hide the edges of the eyelets, then wrap them with a dark tape.
Into the eyelets formed at the edges of the wire, inject a previously prepared round or square base. Attach all copper pieces to the base, fix its edges with electrical tape. Then cut a small circle out of the wire, which will play the role of a neck in a decorative vase, and fasten it in the same way with the wire rods.
To decorative vase did not look boring, you must add to it two lintels. One jumper should be exactly the same size as the base of the product, and the second - as the neck. Having made these details, fix them on the craft with tape.
Taking the fabric, cut it so that the segments are obtained, the width of which is equal to one centimeter. Obtained parts wrap frame crafts. Do not forget to fix the fabric from time to time with hot glue and make sure that the electrical tape does not shine anywhere. Decorative wire vase ready!

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