How to make a diaper and swaddle your baby correctly

How to make a diaper photo

How to make a diaper, swaddle the baby correctly.

Currently, it is very easy to find a suitable diaper for your baby. Go to any pharmacy - the choice will be quite wide for all ages and sizes of children; it is not difficult to buy a diaper - diapers, but some moms don't use store diapers for some reason, apparently due to their specific characteristics and negative impact on a small body. baby Therefore, many of them ask themselves the questionhow to make a diaperfrom cloth or gauze to use it instead of diapers or to combine with them. And also see the photohow to swaddle a baby. An interesting site will tell about everything in order.


We make a diaper of cloth or gauze



15-20 diapers will be enough for any child, because they can be washed and used again. For homemade diapers, gauze or cotton fabric is suitable, cut into squares of approximately 90x90 cm or rectangles 90x180 cm.Just do not forget to wash the cloth beforehand, even if it is new and fresh from the package. For the first months of life, two options for folding the diaper are suitable.


Rectangular diaper.We fold the gauze segment several times to make a rectangle. We turn one long end of the resulting rectangle. This folded end of the girls will be on the side of the back, and the boys - in front. The second end, which we did not tuck in, we let the child between the legs. The diaper is ready.


Diaper scarf.Take a piece of cotton cloth or gauze measuring 90x180 cm and fold in half, and then diagonally. We will have a semblance of a kerchief. In the middle of this scarf we put the baby and between his legs skip the lower end of the diaper. And the lateral ends throw on the tummy at each other. That's all. Just do not tie, so that the knots do not cause discomfort in the child and do not squeeze anything.


These two options for children up to three months can be used together, alternating them every other day. And the third option can be used when making a diaper for a child of 4-5 months.For children of this age, a slightly different pad is used. We fold the diaper of 90x180 cm fabric to make a rectangle with dimensions of 90x45 cm. After that we lay it between the children's legs. Such a diaper is convenient because it quietly gives the child to roll over on the tummy and even sit down. That's all.


How to make a diaper photo how to swaddle a baby

How to swaddle a child correctly - photo instruction.


Useful tips for making cloth and gauze diapers:


Many young moms have a questionhow to fasten reusable diaperson a child, especially on those who are no longer calm in diapers and move a lot. You should not try to fix the diapers with a rubber band, as it can cause irritation on the skin and squeeze the tummy. All you need to do is to wear over a diaper on the straps or body. Now you will not be difficult to make a diaper of gauze or cloth and swaddle the baby yourself. A great alternative to purchased diapers, and most importantly, you know what they are made of.

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