How to make a rose of corrugated paper?

Julia Martynyuk
Julia Martynyuk
January 8, 2013
How to make a rose of corrugated paper?

Let's think that it’s harder to make a guy buy flowers in the store or study the guidelines for creating roses with your own hands, buy all the necessary materials: paper, scissors, glue, paper clips, tape, and then spend the whole day creating flowers for your beloved? On the one hand, we all love live fragrant flowers, but on the other - they cannot express all feelings, unlike self-made ones, creating which people always thought only of you.


It is impossible to say for sure for whom exactly this guide was created. Most likely, it is suitable for boys who want to please the beloved, and for girls who want to decorate greeting cards, boxes, stickers and collages with flowers. Before you step by step instructions on how to make a rose from corrugated paper:

  • We do not have to build incomprehensible, complex schemes or modular compositions, we just take corrugated paper and begin the creative process.Fold the paper in as many layers as the petals of the future rose. We arrange the roll in 12 layers (width 3.5 cm). On the long side, measure and cut the paper with a height of 6 cm.
  • It turns out a rectangle, in which now you need to cut off the corners (from above it is more, from below it is less). But so that the petals remain connected to each other. We expand the roll and get a chain of 12 petals.
  • Not separating the petals, twist their lower, longer parts.
  • To process the smaller edge of the petal, wind it on a toothpick, squeeze the paper. So twist each individual petal to fix the bends.
  • With the help of two thumbs on our hands, we create the effect of convexity - we pull all the petals deep into it.
  • Take the petals by the legs and fold in a circle to make a bud. We do this very carefully so as not to damage the flower. Fix the bottom with thread or wire received bud.

Green sepals

  • Cut out the sepals from green corrugated paper. We select the form to your taste. They can make a natural form or a little easier.
  • In the same way as we did with rose petals, we twist the sepals.
  • Below we attach a skewer made of wood.Sepals are glued to the base of the rose, we glue the skewer and the bud with green paper, hiding their ends. If desired, you can finish a few more leaves for the flower.

Now you know how to make a rose of corrugated paper! In fact, it is very interesting.

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