How to make an Easter wreath with bunnies with your own hands

������Easter wreath is a traditional attribute of this spring holiday. With the help of a wreath made, you can decorate not only the entrance doors, but also window openings, balconies, garden trees, festive tables. In addition, you can use the wreath as an unusual frame for painted eggs and Easter cake.

�Classic Easter Wreath

Initially, three colors were used to make Easter wreaths: white, red and green, symbols of purity, life and hope. The wreath of willow, birch or willow branches serves as a wreath frame. A ring is formed from the harvested branches, the edges of which are fixed with thin decorative wire or floristic tape.
After that, the wreath is wrapped around a satin ribbon, decorated with flowers, small green branches for floristic compositions and figures of Easter bunnies. Most often, bunnies are baked from gingerbread dough, subsequently coloring with food colors or icing.
If the Easter bunny figurine serves only for decorative purposes, it can be made from salt dough, known for its plasticity and ease of modeling, and after baking in the oven, paint the figurine with bright gouache or acrylic paints. Rabbits are fixed on the Easter wreath with the help of wire, bright threads tied in the form of a bow, or hung on satin ribbons in the center of the composition - for this, before baking in the dough, it is necessary to make holes through which the tape will later be passed.

�Easter wreath with fleece hares

It looks very impressive wreath, which combines materials opposite in texture: coarse sacking or twine as a frame and decorative elements of delicate bright fleece.
For the manufacture of the basis of the Easter wreath, you will need a cardboard circle, which is coated with glue and tightly wrapped with packaging string or a piece of sacking. If it is necessary to give a wreath a volume, then a layer of crumpled newsprint is applied to the cardboard base, fixed with the help of scotch tape or floristic tape, then a layer of sacking is added.
A simple silhouette of a bunny draw on paper, cut out and put on a folded fleece fabric flap in half. The parts are neatly cut out, stitched and typed with cotton or synthetic padding. The finished figures are decorated with a narrow bright ribbon in the form of a bow around the neck, and are fastened on both sides of the wreath, alternating with green leaves and flowers cut from fleece or felt.
The wreath can be decorated with one large figure of the Easter bunny. To do this, cut out of white felt details: torso, paws, head, ears. Details from the bright colorful fabric are harvested for the design of the abdomen and the inside of the bunny ears.
The colored parts are sewn with obmetochny seam to the corresponding elements of fleece, all other parts are sewn on a typewriter or manually and stuffed with padding polyester to give the figure a volume. Small wires can be inserted into the ears to help them keep their shape.
All items are sewn together, with the help of beads or embroidery with colored threads they make out the muzzle of a hare and decorate the finished figure with a bright bow. Such a hare will serve as a central element of the Easter composition.

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