How to make an original shelf for flowers?

If you have nowhere to put flowers, and you don’t want to buy a plain and boring shelf, then try to make it yourself.

What are the?

All flower shelves can be divided into floor and wall. The first ones are more reliable and durable, but their placement requires additional space. Wall seats do not occupy, but if improperly fastened, they can be fragile and unreliable. In addition, they are unlikely to be able to place bulky and heavy pots with spreading plants.

What can you do?

In general, for the manufacture of shelves, materials such as wood, metal, plastic or glass are usually used. It is most convenient to work with a tree, since not everyone can cut glass or metal independently. And at home, such an object can be made almost from improvised and sometimes unnecessary things.

How to make?

So, how to make a shelf for flowers with your own hands? Below are some interesting ideas.

Idea # 1

You can make an interesting floor shelf of the old stairs. But be prepared for the fact that it will take a lot of space.

For manufacturing will require:

  • old waste stairs;
  • plywood;
  • electric jigsaw;
  • varnish or paint;
  • roulette;
  • nails (not too long).

Preparation method:

  1. The old stairs need to be expanded and varnished or painted.
  2. Now measure the distance between the pair of steps, located on opposite sides, but on the same level. Measure from the far edges. Also measure the length of each step.
  3. Now transfer the measurements to the plywood. You will have several rectangles of different sizes. They need to be cut using a jigsaw.
  4. Now the parts should be varnished or painted.
  5. Next, place each rectangle on the appropriate steps and nail it. If desired, can be used for mounting and screws. But it is desirable to try so that they do not go beyond the steps below, this will spoil the appearance of the whole structure.
  6. Shelf ready!

Idea number 2

For the manufacture of this shelf, which is hung on the wall, you will need a drill, jigsaw, tape measure, plywood,rope or rather thick and very strong rope, screws and screwdriver, glue and unnecessary wide rings from the eaves.

Description of the manufacturing process:

  1. First you need to cut several rectangles of the same size.
  2. Now, in their corners, make holes that match the diameter of the rope or rope. Make sure that they are the same in all the boards.
  3. Next, thread ropes or ropes (a total of 4 pieces are required) into the first shelf (lowest), tie the ends into knots. For reliability, it is desirable to fix them with glue.
  4. Put several rings on the rope, they will perform the function of decorative elements.
  5. Now, after about 20-30 centimeters (everything will depend on the size of the flowers), make one more node. But they should be located at equal distances. Also secure the knots with glue.
  6. Put on the second shelf. Then string the cornice rings. If there are three shelves, tie the rope around the knot (also at equal distances).
  7. Arrange the structure against the wall, connect the ends of the rope to the sides, glue them together and cut off the excess, and fasten the shelf in the wall directly in these joints with self-tapping screws.

Idea number 3

An interesting shelf for a garden or a garden can be made of wood, or rather of old hemp. For production you will need:

  • 9 hemp (it is advisable to use stumps of the same size, so that there are no difficulties in connecting them with each other);
  • sanding machine or sandpaper;
  • varnish or paint;
  • wooden pins (they are usually used in the collection of furniture);
  • drill;
  • chalk or marker;
  • glue for wood (super strong).


  1. First you need to prepare hemp. To do this, polish them with a typewriter or abrasive paper. But you only need to process slices, do not touch the natural texture of the tree, it will give the shelf a twist. If desired, stumps can be varnished or painted (you can paint only slices or the entire surface).
  2. Now take the first five stumps and place them side by side, placing them in a circle.
  3. Place contact points with a marker or a crayon.
  4. Next, take the first two hemp. First you need to fix them. Prepare a pin and drill through each stump one deaf hole (diameter will be equal to the diameter of the pin) in the marked places. Next, grease the pin with glue, place it in one hole and place another stump next to it, so that the end of the pin is in its recess.
  5. In the same way (that is, using glue and pins), circle all five stumps together.
  6. Now, on top of the connected hemps, install new ones, also placing them next to each other. First fix the whole structure using a drill, pins and glue. Then place it on the first floor and fix with glue.
  7. The last stump is glued to the second floor, so that it is placed in the middle.
  8. Done! In the photo, such a multi-tiered shelf looks very original.

Idea # 4

Make a wall miniature shelf. To do this, you will need one wide board or plywood, jigsaw, tape measure, pencil and ruler, one long strap or two short, glue and screws for fastening.


  1. First, determine the size and jigsaw cut shelf required size, pre-inflicted on the board or plywood drawing.
  2. Now it will be necessary to make simple calculations, namely, to find the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle, the legs of which will be the width of the shelf and the length of wall from the shelf to the mount. To do this, put these two values ​​in a square and add, and then from the amount obtained, extract the square. Sum up all three values, that is, obtained during the calculations and two legs (shelf width and distance from it to the mount) and add 2-3 centimeters.Measure the resulting number on a belt and cut it off. This section will be used for fastening.
  3. If the shelf is not long, then you will need two mounts, and if it is long, then it is better to use three.
  4. Now glue the ends of the belt segments with the wrong sides. Insert the shelf into the hinges and position it so that when fastened to the wall it is placed vertically.
  5. Glue the strap to the shelf at the points of contact.
  6. Next, attach the shelf to the wall with screws at the joints of the ends of the belt.

How to make ready shelf?

Making a shelf is only half the battle, because in order for this item to be original and interesting and harmoniously fit into the interior, you need to develop its design.

Some interesting ways to decorate:

  • Stickers, both conventional and vinyl.
  • Paint. You can create interesting patterns and patterns.
  • Old finishing materials, for example, wallpaper.
  • The cloth. It can be used as upholstery.

Let your interior be interesting!

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