How to make chacha - step by step recipes with video

If you are interested in how to make chachu from grapes, apples, tangerines at home, read the article. I will share the secrets of home production of alcohol, I'll tell a lot of interesting things on the topic.

Chacha - alcoholic drink from Georgia. Some people call chacha grape vodka, but this is not true, because in reality it is brandy. Vodka is produced by rectification, and chacha by distillation.

This chacha is produced in Abkhazia and Georgia. It is made at home and in enterprises. The strength of this moonshine on average is 50 degrees. Some craftsmen produce a 70-degree product.

Almost all the people of Georgia know and know how to cook chacha. According to local residents, moderate consumption of intoxicating drink positively affects the blood pressure and shade of the face. They are used in small doses, since the fortress reaches 70 degrees in some cases.

Classic Georgian recipe

The quality of Georgian moonshine directly depends on the grape variety and production technology.

  • grape marc - 10 l.
  • sugar - 5 kg.
  • yeast - 0.1 kg.
  • chilled boiled water - 30 l.
  1. All ingredients except yeast are placed in a glass jar. Yeast is added last. Water temperature should be at 25 degrees. Warmer water will adversely affect the fermentation process.
  2. The capacity is put in a warm, unlit room for about two weeks. Cover with gauze and periodically stir the mash.
  3. At the end of time, the moment of distillation occurs. First of all, remove the mash that has gathered on the surface. To do this, pass the liquid through the gauze.
  4. Move the contents of the vessel in the moonshine. Turn on the gas and gradually increase the temperature.
  5. After the first distillation, a slightly turbid liquid with an unpleasant odor is obtained. Solve the problem of secondary distillation.
Video recipe

Now it is known how to make chacha at home. Following the tips, prepare a wonderful Georgian moonshine, which will cheer up any company.

How to make chacha from grapes

In every village of the Caucasus, they still keep the technology for making classic chacha from grapes.

  1. For cooking use grape cake. 15 kg of cake are poured into a large glass vessel, 5 kg of sugar are added and 5 liters of pure water are poured. All mix thoroughly.
  2. Cover the vessel with plastic wrap and put in a warm place for about one week. Stir the mixture thoroughly every day.
  3. After the specified time has elapsed, pulp is collected from the surface of the mixture, which has had time to ferment. Then the mash is poured into the moonshine and primary distillation is carried out.
  4. The result is a primary chacha from grapes, which has an unpleasant fusel smell. The drink is re-distilled to eliminate the drawback.
  5. Upon completion of the procedure, the alcoholic liquid is bottled and sent to a warm place to infuse for 40 days.

Now you know how to make chacha from grapes. Homemade drink has a refined aroma and is suitable for any holiday. The fortress reaches 70 degrees.

How to make chacha from apples

Chachu made from grapes. However, not everyone can get grape cake.Apples are different; they are sold everywhere. The recipe for cooking apples is simple. Technology is not much different from grape and is not more complicated than the technology of making beer.

Some craftsmen in the manufacture of using apples with pears, others add potatoes. It depends on personal taste preferences and the scale of fantasy.

  1. Pure apples are crushed and placed in a barrel or a can.
  2. Apple mixture is poured with water and add 10 kg of sugar. Everything is mixed and left for about a week and a half.
  3. The completion of the fermentation process is determined as follows: if the remains of apples have sunk to the bottom, then all is well.
  4. After that, distilled. Instead of a metal pipe, use a plastic bag. In the case of trumpet apple chacha gets a different taste. It is difficult to say why this is happening, but the practice clearly demonstrates it.
  5. From a hundred liters of ferment, 12 liters of high-quality product are obtained, the strength of which reaches 50 degrees.
Video preparation

If there are no grapes, use apples. How to make a chacha of apples, I just told. Good luck in winemaking!

How to make chacha from tangerines

If you make chacha from tangerines, you get an exotic drink and an excellent alcoholic treat.

  • tangerine extracts - 10 kg.
  • boiled water - 5 liters.
  • sugar - 3.5 kg.
  1. These components are sent to a large glass jar and mix well.
  2. Cover the container with a lid and put in a warm place for fermentation.
  3. After one week, the pulp is removed and the resulting mass is transferred to the moonshine.
  4. Distilled according to the standard scheme. To make the drink more qualitative, they make secondary distillation. The result is a crystal clear liquid.
  5. Bottled and left for about a month and a half to insist.

The technology of cooking tangerine chacha is simple, but requires a lot of time. If you are going to cook, have patience.

How to drink chacha

At the end of the material we will consider how to drink chacha, because the improper use of strong alcohol can cause problems.

  1. Glasses. Grappa is drunk from cognac glasses, and it is customary to pour chacha into ordinary glasses for vodka.
  2. Flow temperature. The indicator affects the quality of the product. If the drink is aged and refined, drink at room temperature. If the quality is not above average, cool to 10 degrees.
  3. Dosage. Georgians drink small portions.Local people consider the drink a symbol of longevity. Each local owner must find a bottle of grape brew.
  4. Snack. Some people serve sweet dishes to drink, others prefer to drink with salty treats, for example, with salted salmon. The indigenous people of Abkhazia do not sort out and serve everything they want on the table.
  5. Mixing. By tradition, they drink in pure form. Often washed down with homemade and dry wine. Having passed two glasses of grape moonshine, they drink a glass of wine. This combination causes rapid intoxication, and in the morning wait for a strong hangover.

We looked at how to drink and make chacha at home. I will add that on the basis of the drink excellent cocktails are obtained.

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I will share a little secret that will help to verify the quality of chacha. Dip your finger in the drink and bring it to the source of fire. If the flame is completely burned out and does not harm the finger, say with confidence that the drink is natural and of high quality.

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