How to make original Christmas origami

The modular technique of origami allows you to make a huge number of a variety of Christmas toys from paper. You not only decorate the house. Crafts can be taken to a school or kindergarten for a festive matinee, or presented as a little fairy surprise.

How to make original Christmas origami

Fresh holiday ideas

Christmas paper crafts can be complemented in an original way by serving a festive table. It will be especially interesting to introduce children to this activity, who love to tinker very much, and together with them make funny, interesting and inexpensive Christmas tree toys.
Your employees will also be pleasantly surprised when they receive DIY handmade origami Christmas toys as a gift on the eve of the winter holidays. On the desktop, they will create a warm and cozy atmosphere for a long time, because you invested in your creation the warmth of the soul that will be passed on to others.
Technique origami allows you to fold out of paper almost any object of animate and inanimate nature.Christmas toy in the form of a model of favorite animals - bunnies, bears, birds, etc. - the kids will love it very much and will beautifully decorate a fluffy elegant beauty. We offer on the eve of the long-awaited holiday to make some themed New Year's toys origami.
How to make original Christmas origami

New Year's origami "Paper Star"

To make a New Year paper origami, you will need 14-15 square sheets measuring 7 by 7 cm.

  1. Bend the square diagonally, then unbend it and wrap each corner to the middle of the square.
  2. We turn the resulting square in front of us so that it looks like a rhombus, and bend the two side corners to the middle of the rhombus. It is not necessary to do this closely but it is better to leave a gap of 2 mm.
  3. The triangle, which was formed below, is wrapped on the opposite side so that the pocket goes out.
  4. Now the workpiece is bent in half so that the pocket is outside.
  5. We master another 14 such parts and then join them in a circle into a ring, inserting the corners into the pockets. You can carefully glue them.

Such New Year starami origami you can make from paper of different colors and decorate them, anything.
How to make original Christmas origami

Christmas origami "Herringbone"

With this simplest version of origami, Christmas tree decorations can be made quickly and easily in large quantities. To do this you need an ordinary journal.

  1. We begin with any page, the upper corner of which is bent toward itself at an angle of 45 degrees.
  2. Then we wrap the same sheet once again diagonally towards us, fixing it so that it does not unbend later.
  3. The resulting sharp corner at the bottom is turned upward.
  4. This method turns each page.
  5. The last pages are best fixed with glue or stapler.

If you want such New Year trees to be more fluffy, you can use several magazines.
How to make original Christmas origami

Christmas origami "Wreath"

  1. Cut eight identical squares out of paper of different colors.
  2. Each fold in half in a triangle.
  3. The resulting triangles are folded in half again in such a way that two pockets are formed.
  4. We divide the model conditionally into three identical parts and bend the widest of them at the base. You should get a figure with one pocket and two pockets on the different sides. All seven models are doing the same.
  5. We take one part with the side with two pockets and place it in that figure, where there is one pocket. These actions should lead to the formation of sharp peaks. In the same way, we gradually connect all the modules together.

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