How to make the right wedding makeup

When choosing a basic color scheme, keep in mind that bridal makeup should be light and emphasize tenderness and natural beauty, but in order not to look too pale, you need to make it quite expressive. The optimal solution - the average option between evening and day makeup. In addition, your make-up must be sufficiently resistant and match the wedding dress and its style.
Before you apply makeup, wipe the skin with a tonic and apply a cream with a mattifying effect. Further, in order to give a face freshness, you need to apply foundation (it should be in skin tone or slightly lighter). If you are wearing a dress with a deep neckline at the celebration, then you should also apply a toning agent on the neck and shoulders. After that, using a large brush, apply on the skin loose powder, selected in tune to the face.
For eye makeup you should prefer the shades of delicate shades, the color of which you need to choose, depending on the type of appearance and color of the dress.Their texture should be matte, as shiny shadows can give reflections on photos and visually make the skin more oily. If you plan to emphasize the cut of the eyes with arrows, use a liner or pencil in brown or dark gray tones.
To give your eyes clarity and remove redness, you should tint the inner corners of your eyes with a white pencil. After dyeing your eyes, apply a layer of black waterproof mascara to your upper lashes or, if you have blond hair, brown. When the mascara is dry, apply another layer and comb your eyelashes.
For lip makeup, the best solution would be if you pick up a lipstick whose color is close to the natural color of your lips. However, other options are possible. So, for example, if you are a burning brunette, then scarlet or bright red lipstick will suit you, if blonde - lipstick of delicate light shades, and if your hair is light brown - you can make up lips with natural lipstick muted shades.
To make the lips as attractive as possible, first circle their contour with a pencil, put on lipstick, after which you should blot them with a napkin and put lipstick on the second time.

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