How to mask the right acne on the face?

Pimples appear unexpectedly, spoil the appearance and literally knock out rut, especially if they are located on the face. But if you know some secrets, then you can disguise and make almost any pimple imperceptible.

How to make a pimple less noticeable?

There are several ways to disguise acne, but all of them can be divided into two large groups. We will tell in more detail about each of them.

If no makeup

Slightly improve the situation

If you are a lover of everything natural, and in your cosmetics bag there is not a single special masking agent, then you can do without cosmetics. Use improvised tools and other methods. Here are some of them:

  1. Ice will help you. As you know, cold causes narrowing of blood vessels. And if you consider that redness is a consequence of the expansion of blood vessels, then the cold will come in very handy. First, you can use a piece of ice. Attach it to acne for a few minutes. Secondly, you can put a piece of cotton wool moistened with water into the freezer and attach it to the problem area. If the refrigerator is not around, then you can just put something cold.
  2. To narrow the vessels will help vasoconstrictor, which probably are in the first-aid kit of each. The first such remedy is vasoconstrictor nasal drops, such as Naphthyzinum, Nazivin, Xylen, and the like. Dampen cotton in this tool and apply it to a pimple for 10-15 minutes. The second remedy is eye drops with a vasoconstrictive effect (Stillavite, Octilia, Vizin). To deal with this tool should be the same as with drops for the nose. After 15 minutes, the vessels will begin to narrow, and redness will become almost invisible.
  3. Try using the essential oil of tea tree, which is a part of many anti-inflammatory cosmetics. Apply it to the problem area with a fleece. After about half an hour, the pimple will become less noticeable. If you have enough time, then apply oil every half hour for 5-6 hours to completely get rid of redness and inflammation.
  4. Perfectly removes redness Half of a teaspoon of powder is dissolved in a teaspoon of warm water. Apply the slurry on a pimple for an hour, and then rinse with warm water. Surely the reddening will noticeably decrease.
  5. If your first aid kit has such a tool as Streptocid, use it. You can dilute a small amount of the powder in warm water and apply to the problem area of ​​the skin for at least half an hour. After that, remove cotton wool moistened with hydrogen peroxide (peroxide also helps to eliminate inflammation and effectively fights microbes, which are often the main cause of acne).
  6. Many have probably heard about the use of aspirin-based masks. Its main component (acetylsalicylic acid) is an excellent peeling agent that not only peels off the top layer of skin and removes dead skin cells of the epidermis, but also copes with inflammation. To eliminate redness, mash 2-3 tablets of "Aspirin", dissolve them in a small amount of warm water and apply the resulting composition directly on the pimple.
  7. Can help the tincture of calendula. Dampen a piece of cotton wool in it and apply it to the pimple for a few minutes. Calendula - a unique plant that has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect and relieves redness.
  8. Another emergency tool is toothpaste.But to achieve the effect, you need to use the right paste. First, pay attention to the color. Give preference to the usual white paste, as the dyes not only do not get rid of redness, but also can cause undesirable reactions and only aggravate the situation. Secondly, pay attention to the composition. Components that relieve inflammation are zinc, soda, triclosan, fluorine, and hydrogen peroxide. To quickly eliminate a pimple, apply a small amount of paste on it for 15-30 minutes, then remove it, washing it off with warm water.
  9. Coffee can help you out (ordinary instant coffee will do). Make a coffee gruel, dissolve some coffee in warm water, and apply the mass on a pimple for half an hour, then remove with water.

Cosmetics to help

Correctly hide the problem

How to mask acne on the face? The easiest and fastest way to do this with cosmetics. But remember that this method will not eliminate the acne and especially its cause, so it is better to use it in an emergency. So, several ways to disguise:

  1. Use concealer. It is advisable to choose to mask the cream to a tone lighter than the skin color. Do not use products with a pinkish tinge, they will only aggravate the situation.Before applying, degrease and clean the skin using a tonic (preferably with a pore-narrowing effect and with anti-inflammatory effects). Now point the cream on a pimple and lightly blend it with a fingertip or with a brush. It is not necessary to cover the entire face with cream, but it is desirable to powder it, this will help to even out the complexion and hide the contrast between the inflamed area and healthy skin, as well as remove the oily sheen. The best option is mineral powder. Apply it with a large brush or puff, but not scattering it on your face, but rather like driving in (otherwise the makeup will not be permanent). To understand the essence of the application, you can see the video. If there is a lot of acne, then distribute the foundation all over the face in an even, but not too thick layer, and then apply powder.
  2. It is best to use a special corrective agent - concealer (masking pencil). It is desirable to mask red acne in total with the help of a concealer of green color (yes, this shade neutralizes red). But to hide the contrast, on top of the green product, apply either a tool that matches the tone of the skin color (or slightly lighter than it), or a light tone cream, or powder. Small reddening will help to hide a masking pencil beige shade.
  3. Another secret is a diversion. So, if a pimple is in the upper part of the face, for example, on the forehead, then highlight the lower part with lipstick on bright lipstick. If the inflammation is localized on the lower part (on the chin), then select the upper one. To do this, emphasize the eyes by choosing bright shadows. If the pimple is on the cheek, then prefer natural make-up, but still select the lips and eyes, choosing as close to natural and not too bright shades.

Now you know how you can disguise a pimple, so this problem will not definitely catch you off guard.

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