How to measure fluid level

You will need
  • - measuring rod or pole;
  • - cable with cargo;
  • - echo sounder;
  • - level gauges.
Perhaps the simplest device is a measuring rod or pole with applied divisions. Dip the rake, holding it vertically, until it rests on the bottom of the reservoir or vessel. According to the division on which the fluid stopped, determine itslevelthat is, depth.
How to be, for example, if the depth of the reservoir is much greater than the length of the measuring rod? You can use the cable, to the end of which the goods are tied. Slowly lower it into the water, observing the tension of the cable. As soon as the tension is relaxed, it means that the load has fallen to the bottom. Remove the cable and measure the length of its wet end. For greater reliability, it is desirable to mark the part of the cable, stopped on the surface. So you will find outlevelwater.
It is easy to understand that the smaller the depth, the less accurate the measurement will be - after all, the sound will return after a fraction of a second, and any measuring device has an error.And vice versa - the greater the depth, the more accurately it can be determined using an echo sounder.
In technological processes used a variety of devices - level gauges. They are buoy, float, hydrostatic, ultrasonic, capacitive, etc. Each of these devices has both advantages and disadvantages.

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