How to open tire

Tire fitting.

Opening the tire.

Tire fitting. This type of business is in demand and its popularity is understandable to many. Depending on the size of the city, the demand for services of this type of business is growing. This, obviously, the more residents in the city, the more transport, and these are potential customers.


This article tells you what you need to know for those who want to build a business and open a service called "tire". What you need to do this, first of all, you first need to register the PI. What do you think, how much does it cost to open a tire? I can’t say for sure, it all depends on many factors, but it’s not difficult to calculate approximately. Here is described in more detail how to open your own business tire, along with the equipment.


What you need to open the tire.



For the work of the workshop, first of all, equipment is required, here’s an approximate set:

  • 1. equipment for pumping wheels
  • 2. tire changer,
  • 3. balancing stand
  • 4. plus various tools and consumables.


Now we put together the cost of equipment, plus the rental of premises (area depends on the number of potential customers), plus wages for workers.


The approximate cost of opening a service of this type of services is 150-200 thousand rubles.


In order to determine the salary of a worker, you can look at information on the Internet, on salary in similar services, it is desirable to focus on your region. You can also ride through your city and find out personally about the salary level. And yet, in order to increase the incentive for employees, you can assign piecework wages, salary plus a percentage of output.


The room under the tire.



The location of the tire fitting place should be not far from the highway, a large traffic congestion, for example refueling, etc. Make extra parking near your workshop. There are several types of clients, these are VIP clients on expensive foreign cars, etc., who require good quality service and so-called clients of the Russian car industry, cheap cars, etc., who are more interested in the lower cost of services. Of course, you want to have VIP clients, but they still need to like it, if you succeed, then the income from such clients will be more than palpable.


Equipment for tire fitting.



You can order, both on the Internet, for this there are online stores and all possible advertising, and in your own city, I think there will be several more workshops that will advise you something, maybe even on very favorable terms, agree to hand it over to you rent or sell is not expensive.


Tire workshops are quite in demand, the question is why? The answer is simple, this type of service will be in demand while there is a transport, which means if not always, then still very, very long.


In any case, even if your workshop is young and you just opened it, the client will still, yes it will not be easy at first, advertising is important here, you can advertise on the Internet, distribute business cards, flyers, place appropriate identification marks in the radius of your workshop .


The effect of advertising will not be very noticeable, but as you understand, it is a matter of time that one person knows, at least two people know, and what two people know, four know, etc. Currently, there are quite a few such workshops, which means that there is a lot of competition.


Often the focus is not on the price, but on the quality of the services provided.Higher quality means higher rating of your workshop. Develop a system of discounts, for your customers, such systems have all self-respecting business projects. People will tell and advise each other exactly your tire workshop.


The period for which the tire workshop pays off is approximately one year. At the same time, its profitability will be equal to 40-45%. The average flow of vehicles that will be provided with your services should be 15-20 cars.


There will also be periods of decline and rise in demand for your services, for example, in the fall and spring, when all car owners change their shoes, the demand will certainly grow.


The amount of your income growth can go as high as 1000%. At the same time, one should not forget to competently approach the issue of business organization and in periods of increasing demand, work with the staff and the quality of the services provided. You can add to this type of activity and such - vehicle demolition as a business, an auto parts store.

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