How to overcome the difficulties of life

Marina Nikitina

It is difficult to find a person who does not know what the difficulties of life are. But there are millions of people in the world who do not know how to overcome these difficulties. They lie to themselves, denying the existence of difficulties, give up, ceasing all attempts to solve problems or to understand them. What does this lead to? To nothing positive. A person falls into a prolonged depression or gets nervous, mental illness.

If you are a strong-willed person who is used to face the truth, then this information will not be useful to you. If you do not have enough spirit to solve problems, work on yourself from today, because you have already taken a small step in this direction - you decided to find out how to overcome difficulties.

Problem diagnosis

To fight the enemy you need to know him by sight. Therefore, we first determine the presence of difficulties and see which category they belong to. Life difficulties:

Serious problems from the outside (the loss of the most expensive property, a house burned down, a large sum of money was stolen, the death of a loved one, an incurable disease).
Difficulties of medium difficulty (expelled from work, changed husband, wife, you are sick, there is no means for existence).
Difficulties of self-identification, psychological problems (fear of death, feelings of inferiority or worthlessness, depression, panic).
Household difficulties (tired of cleaning, cooking, quarreling with her husband because of his sloppiness, plumbing is disabled, not enough money, the phone crashed, the difficulties of family life).

How to overcome the difficulties of life

The problems described in the first two paragraphs are not necessarily the most difficult. The third type of problems - psychological - can be of any complexity. The subtle world called “psyche” is difficult to analyze, so in order to deal with this kind of problems, you have to try. Household difficulties from the latter category only at first glance are inferior in complexity to the previous ones, they drag out into a pool of sadness, fear, sluggish destructive hatred towards themselves and the rest of the world. Therefore, any of the problems is serious, especially for someone with whom it is found.

Making a strong-willed decision to fight

To give a clear name is necessary, because blurry complaints like "I feel bad, my soul hurts, it's hard, but why - I do not know" and "cure" is impossible.

After realizing the problem, you already have the wording. It is not always easy to take even this step, but you should not think about it, take small steps in order, so to speak. In this way, you will go all the way, albeit a difficult one. Do not forget: "The great begins with the small."

After looking into the eyes of one’s own difficulty, the problem is already reduced in size. Now she will not pulsate in your tortured brain every day or appear as a black bottomless abyss. No, after a bold step in identifying the problem, you have already seen your enemy and know its dimensions. It turns out this is not a bottomless abyss, though very deep in some particularly serious cases.

It often happens that a person knows a problem that has long been seizing up his, but he does not want to fight, he is disappointed in life, does not believe in himself, and walks like a psychological corpse - Homo Sapiens lives, takes food, breathes, but the interest is gone. , life is only the fact of its existence is disgusting. What's there to advise?

How to overcome the difficulties of life

Strange as it may sound, but if it seems to you that the end of that person whom you had previously seen the mirror came to, this is good because there is nothing to lose in such a situation.It remains only to make a decision to fight, to solve problems.

You ask, what to do, if it is completely unclear, in which direction to move? Do I have to do something, even if I'm not sure of the correctness of the path? Of course yes. Here is an example. Imagine that you are facing a small wooden box. It is filled with balls of the same size, but of different colors: at first they fill a handful of black balls, and from above - the same number of white ones. The box is closed.

Now draw parallels: one of the black balls is you. The ball lies at the bottom of the box, around - black balls, on top there is also a large layer of balls and the situation seems completely hopeless, because there is no way to get out and the way to solve the problem is unknown.

Now imagine that you take the box in your hand and start shaking it. Yes, at first glance you are doing things at random. You do not know what is going on inside, you know one thing - when you shake a box, inside something, but it happens. And now let's open the cards: in the process of such a shaking, the balls in the box begin to shuffle. This happens chaotically, but everyone has heard the theory of probability.

So according to this theory, the balls in the box will eventually return to the initial position with an almost zero probability. So at least do something - it is useful in depression, with decadent moods. And there, you see, during the shaking, you will understand which way you should tilt the box and your ball will be pushed upward by other balls.

How to overcome the difficulties of life

Difficulties in human life

Imagine life without difficulty. It seemed that could be better. You will be surprised, but it is the presence of difficulties that shows us how good life can be, gives food for thought, makes us move like balls from the example above. If the difficulties in a person's life disappear, then the rest of the events will not even be compared with anything, no one at all will imagine what such difficulties are, what joyous events are. They will not be, because everything will be painfully the same.

To maintain vitality, to maintain self-control, you must always remember what was written on the ring of King Solomon. It read: “And it will pass.” When he had grief, he looked at this inscription and calmed down, because there was an installation that everything would pass. But I was not in a hurry to rejoice too muchso as not to get upset, because even in that case, he looked at the inscription and was convinced that this too would pass, that everything in the world would go away and go away.

Ways to overcome the difficulties of life

Overcoming the difficulties of life is organized in many different ways. The first way: repeat the example of King Solomon. You can really make an engraving on the ring in the jewelery salon and wear it always on your finger. Another way to look at this wise expression is to make a beautiful sign that will hang in a prominent place in your home.

Let in your head you will have not a picture of the sad development of events for you, but this useful phrase. In the meantime, you will begin to take any action, if only to divert attention, then you will understand what to do to solve the problem directly.

Do not be afraid to think about your enemy - about the problem that poisons your existence. It is better to have the courage and analyze whether grief is as great as its tormented brain represents. Analyze it. Ask yourself: “Yes, I have a problem. And what follows from this? What are the consequences of an unresolved problem? ”You need to be honest: choose not only negative consequences, but also a positive outcome of events.After all, you should clearly understand that there are several options for the outcome, and excluding positive ones you do not leave yourself a chance to change something.

Remember that you need to break the recurring circle of negative thinking. This is difficult because the patterns of thinking (the paths along which the thought goes along the neurons of the brain) are already like beaten paths: the more they follow, the more they become. It's hard to think differently, and you do it. All events in life move after your thoughts. That is, first you give an assessment of the event in your head, painting it in some color, and only then through the prism of your assessment look at everything else. Throw out black paints from your palette of thoughts for a while. Any event for the universe has no emotionally color, either good or bad. So for one person the event will be bad, but for another - good. Only people evaluate events, only you decide whether you will learn a lesson from what is happening or it will crush you with your permission.

If your problem came from the outside, for example, a loved one died or you were left without shelter, then the positive thinking techniques described above will come to your aid. In the case when the problem concerns your psyche and world perception, the “gap pattern” technique will help.Above we have already described the mechanism for the passage of thoughts (nerve impulses) through the neurons of the brain. It is much easier for the lazy brain to let its thoughts along the already known ways - patterns of behavior. We will have to make a volitional effort to “pave” a new path.

In fact, this method looks like this. Experiment with any thought (it’s not necessary to immediately reflect on the problem that is troubling you). For this exercise, any statement in which you are not in the slightest doubt that is already firmly stuck in the brain will do. Usually it is from such thoughts and behavioral responses that a pattern is formed.

How to overcome the difficulties of life

Then try to doubt this statement. It will be difficult to do, because it was fixed many years ago and it seems that there can be no other opinion. When you try to convince yourself that long-familiar things may not be at all what they seem, you will feel like resistance. It is like cutting a path in an impassable jungle with the help of a machete, bleeding out, despite the fact that there is a path already cut through in the thickets.

If you work on yourself so regularly - you will definitely make new paths.It can not be otherwise, this is how you once formed ideas about the world that you are guided by now, without analyzing them. But it is for conscious life, not semi-automatic, and given the opportunity to realize ourselves, along with which you need to take responsibility for our thoughts and actions.

There is one more plus: when you are looking for new variations (logical connections), new connections are formed among the billions of brain neurons, even if such thoughts seem fantastic at first - it does not matter, the main thing is to cover the brain with a network of connections. Then one day you will receive a brilliant idea or an amazing solution to a problem that you couldn’t think about earlier, because the overwhelming number of neurons are now associated with any of them, even a distant neuron (although the word “distant” does not fit the description of instantaneous neural connections ).

“If you cannot change circumstances - change your attitude towards them” - stick to this rule.

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