How to plan a house

Divide your existing space into several zones. In addition to all the usual zones of sleep and eating areas, select in the house area of ​​rest and work. Scientists have proved when a person does not mix these two concepts, when during work nothing reminds him of rest, and during rest nothing says that he should run somewhere and do something, a person works more efficiently and much faster resting. So try to separate these spaces.
Do not save on the space under the kitchen. As a rule, this zone becomes both a place of cooking and eating, which again indicates the need for special attention to this zone. Try to avoid constraining people's movements when they are in the kitchen. Also remember that the kitchen is the most visited area in the house. Which once again obliges to pay special attention to her.
The area for children should be the most sunny and favorable. Try as much as possible to bring the child’s room and bathroom closer — paints, clay, glue,Cosmetics or anything else, depending on the age and needs of your child, will repeatedly need quick and thorough hygiene.
How to plan a house
Place the bedroom area in a secluded corner of the house so that no one can get to it so easily. A sense of security allows you to sleep better and relax.
Think of your own office - a great place to implement a work area. Five minutes ago, you walked around the kitchen tile in a bathrobe and slippers, and now you are an entrepreneur and boss in your personal account. Even against your desire, such a room in your home will set us up for a working mood.
Make your living room a seating area. Do not allocate too much space for it - children can play at home, and if it's time for a feast, then you can perfectly accommodate guests in your kitchen and dining room.
Experiment, try and do not be afraid to make decisions that you haven’t heard or met before - remember that this is your home and it’s up to you to decide how it will look.
How to plan a house

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