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How to Play Circball

Circball is a variation of the sports of basketball. Circball uses a circular court area and a cluster-ring basket hoops. The game play rules involves a combination of competitive and cooperative game of play.


  1. Read and understand the Circball Rules.You can download the game rules from the official website:
    • Circball is played with rules similar to basketball from first to the last quarter. New rule elements are introduced during second quarter of the game. Circball is played using the same tactics/ game-play of basketball such as dribbling, passing the ball, shooting the ball, offense, defense, fouls, etc.
    • There are four periods (12 minutes each) of game play each with timeouts (2 mins.) and overtime periods (12 minutes).
    • The primary (smaller) ring earns 3 points, the secondary (bigger) ring earns 1 point. (Points are incurred anywhere in the court area).
  2. Form two teams with 6 players in each team.
    • Each team (a Squad) will have a Captain who will lead the team.
    • One of players in the team initially wears a bright-colored marker (a headband or a wristband). This identifies the player as a morality player ("giver).
    • Substitution players are also allowed in each team.
    • Each player is limited to four personal fouls and can be temporarily disqualified. A disqualified player can return to play the game upon being forgiven by the opposing team.
  3. Acquire the Circball equipment consisting of a cluster ring basket.
    • Height of the basket hoop should be no less than 10 feet (3.0 m).
  4. Create a circular court using specifications found at .
    • The circular court should be around 70 feet (21.3 m) in diameter.
    • Tarpaulin drawings of a "weighing scale", a "dove", a "heart" and a "hand" should be placed north, south, east, west area along the court area boundary, respectively.
  5. Play Circball as a cooperative and competitive game of play.
    1. ADrop Ball Ruleinitiates the game.
      1. Two opposing players raise the ball with the palm of their hands
      2. Upon signal of the official, they then release the ball,
      3. And at the same time the two players make at least 3 full-steps backward.
      4. The drop ball players will then try to come back and tap the ball with their hands.
      5. The first player to touch the ball has possession.
    2. From the first to the last quarter, the game is played using similar rules of basketball.
      1. Each team plays competitive defense, offense alternately as each team acquires as much points as possible.
      2. When a ball goes into the primary basket, the team earns three (3) points regardless of where the shot is made.
      3. When the ball goes into the secondary basket (the bigger ring to the right of the player making the shot), the team earns one (1) point regardless of where the shot is made.
      4. Rules of basketball such as fouls, throw-ins, boundary rules are also observed.
      5. Beginning with the second to the last quarter, the new rule element, Morality Play, is introduced along with rules of basketball.
    3. As a cooperative game, Circball rules allows a player to give the ball to the opponent team voluntarily, twice during the game (Morality Play).
      1. Starting with the 2nd Quarter, Morality Play rule is performed by a morality player ("giver") who gives the ball once from the care zone and once from the share zone to the opponent for the opponent player to try for a goal.
      2. The morality player ("giver") stands at these zone and calls an opponent player by name or number.
      3. The morality player then hands the ball to the selected player or places the ball inside the share zones.
      4. The selected opponent player takes possession of the ball and within 7 seconds try to make a shot at the goal basket, unimpeded. (The normal point system of 3 point/1 point applies). After the morality shot by the opponent player, ball possession is given to the opponent player's team via throw-in.
      5. Giving two balls completes the Morality Play of one player. The player then transfers the brightly colored "marker" (a headband or wristband) to the next team player and successively until all squad members have done their share of Morality Play.
      6. The first team to complete the Morality Play earns a higher bonus point revealed at the end of the game.
    4. Another cooperative feature of the game is theHuman Rights Playrule played at the end of the 4th Quarter.
      1. A team ahead in the total overall score at the ended of the final quarter but whose desire is “to give more and more until it hurts” gives any number of balls voluntarily to the trailing team for them to try to catch up in points.
      2. For example, if Team A overall score is 100 and Team B overall score is 90, Team A will allow Team B to catch up.
      3. All members of Team A will stand inside the red zone
      4. Team B will stand in the green zone (the free throw area) and will receive the balls given by Team A to make a shot at the goal basket.
      5. Team A will give Team B a number of shots of not less than 4 times (in this example)
      6. Team B has a possibility of catching up if they make 3 points each shot 4 times in a row, in this example.
      7. While Team B makes a shot, Team A can make distracting moves (ie, waive, shouts, etc) but not block a player from making a shot.

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Demonstration of Circball Game

Demonstration of Drop Ball Rule

Demonstration of Morality Play Rule

Demonstration of Human Rights Play Rule


  • Dunking is not allowed.
  • As in any contact sports, players must be aware of the possibility of injury and must protect themselves at all times.
  • Be aware when rebounding not to step on the base.
  • Layup must be away from the post and not towards it.

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