How to save the car from the tow truck?

Do not leave the car on busy transport streets. Better look for a place to park somewhere in the courtyards or on the narrow secondary streets - tow trucks need a lot of space to work. Yes, and the risk that you interfere with someone there, less.
Evacuate cars can only if you are not around, because you can leave someone in the car.
Bring the car can and in the event that you are near, but refuse to clean it.
You can put your car in a special way. For example, drive it with one or several wheels to the curb. Or park it close to the wall or something else. In this case, the evacuation service is at risk of damaging the machine.
You can turn the wheels all the way to either side - “getting close” to the car in this case will also be more difficult.
You need to park on a par with other vehicles somewhere in the middle of the street. So more likely that you notice working tow trucks,and move the car to a safe place.
The best way to avoid forced evacuation is to not violate the rules of the road. Did not find a parking place in the right place? Take a ride around the quarter, perhaps, during this time the place and free. Not found again? Then leave the car for a quarter or two from the right place. Walking on foot will only benefit you.

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