How to protect the skin from the cold

Refuse from cosmetics containing alcohol and salicylic acid. Pay special attention to hygienic lipstick or lip balm. Carefully study the composition: it should not contain menthol, camphor oil, phenol, alcohol. All these ingredients in the long term lead to even more draining and cause the need to lubricate the lips more and more often. Choose face and hand creams enriched with vitamins E, D and K.
Do not forget to protect your eyes! In the bitter cold many eyes start to water. An excellent way out in this case is special eye drops, so-called artificial tear preparations. On sunny, frosty days, it is advisable to wear sunglasses, since the intensity of the sunlight reflected from the snow increases significantly. Blink often.
Drink more water and eat juicy fruits and vegetables. The more moisture in the body, the less you will need additional cosmetics.
Take a warm, not hot bath or shower.Too hot water destroys the lipid barrier of the skin, as a result of which the body begins to lose moisture.
Consume more healthy fats: nuts, avocados, oily fish. In the diet of the peoples of the Far North dominated by seafood and healthy fats, it is not surprising that they are famous for their gorgeous skin.
Use indoor humidifiers. In winter, due to the operation of heating systems, the humidity in the apartments can drop by up to 20%. Special home appliances - air humidifiers - will help solve this problem. And advanced models with an expanded set of functions in addition also purify the air in the rooms.

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