How to recover deleted files on "Android"

First, secure yourself with root rights. To do this, download one of these programs: Kingo Android, Pramaroot, Vroot, Unlock Root. Then, using the explorer, go to the "Properties" section and allow using R / W. As a rule, this will be enough. If you are unable to give the user root rights, look for specific instructions for your model.
Next, download an application called Disk Digger. After it is installed, click on the launch and confirm the transfer of rights to the program. You will see a window in which the storage devices and various sections will be displayed. You need to know where the files you want to restore were located in order for the process to complete successfully.
First, select on which device they were placed (on the gadget or on the flash drive). In most cases, the information needed by the user is stored on an external drive, so you most likely need the second option.Most often, the folder will be called sdcard or mnt / sdcard. Once the desired section is selected, the program will begin the scanning process. In the left window you can watch the files that the program was able to detect.
It is recommended to carry out this procedure within a day from the moment of removal.

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