How to remove odors in the kitchen?

Each apartment or house has its own smells, well, if they are pleasant. And what if not? This is especially true of the kitchen - the place where we cook and eat, which means that there must always be a pleasant aroma that will provoke a good appetite and mood.

Unfortunately, the problem of unpleasant odor is a fairly common phenomenon and the matter is not at all in the culinary insolvency of the hostess, but in the fact that something constantly happens in the kitchen: then the onion is cut, the fish is cut, something is cooked or fried. Smells now and then spread throughout the apartment, while very quickly absorbed in the curtain, upholstery furniture and even your favorite utensils.

It would seem that it is easier: open all the vents, organize a draft, and release all unpleasant odors outside. But, unfortunately, this method is not always effective, some "fragrances" are so corrosive that even after a wet cleaning they remind you of their existence.

For example, it is the smell of fish, tobacco (unfortunately, in the kitchen they often indulge in this not the most useful occupation), aged fried oil or fat, and so on. How to get rid of them with maximum efficiency?

We immediately stipulate that powerful chemicals for washing an apartment, which today are created for each case of life, we leave only for the most extreme case, if nothing else can save the situation.

Get rid of unwanted "flavors"

It is not a secret for anyone that most household cleaning products are a rather harmful and sometimes even dangerous achievement of modernity, especially if you have small children or allergies in your home.

It is possible to cope with the majority of unpleasant smells and even serious pollution with the help of available tools that can be found in almost every apartment. Our mothers and grandmothers used these folk remedies, so why don't we get to know them, especially since most of them really help to quickly and effectively get rid of annoying smells in the kitchen.

The best prevention of the occurrence of “vanilla aromas” is, of course, regular airing and wet cleaning, which make up 80% of success.It is very important not to forget in due time to get rid of unnecessary trash and garbage, which usually includes perishable cleaning or products that can quickly give an extremely unpleasant smell.

Often unpleasant smells in the kitchen, and in general in the apartment, can appear at the expense of pets: in order to get rid of them, regularly wash the dishes from which the pet is eating, and also use special products that are sold in pet stores.

How to get rid of the smell of the refrigerator?

Often the reason for the sudden emergence of unpleasant odors is the refrigerator: it absorbs and permanently retains the smells of everything that once was in it, as a result, a kind of cocktail is formed, the fragrance of which leaves much to be desired.

In order to avoid such an effect, it is better to keep the products in sealed containers or use a food film that does not allow the flavors to wander outside the dish. If the smells still appeared, then the easiest way is to lay out on a few shelves pieces of black bread.

Leave them there for a few days: the bread will quickly absorb all the unpleasant fragrances.For the same purpose, you can use citrus zest or a small container of soda.

In the kitchen cupboards

The cabinets, like the refrigerator, under the action of the cooking and the food stored in them absorb the surrounding flavors, spreading them throughout the kitchen. You can get rid of them, if you thoroughly wash the cabinets with a damp cloth moistened in vinegar or lemon powder, which is diluted in plain water.

If it does not help, then you can do the same as with a refrigerator: lay out in the lockers a few slices of bread, citrus peel or cinnamon sticks. As a result, you not only get rid of the problem, but also provide the kitchen with pleasant light fragrances.

And what to do with the room?

If it's not in the lockers and not in the refrigerator, then you have to fight with the room itself. To get rid of odors and achieve a pleasant feeling of freshness, first remove and wash the kitchen curtains, arrange a thorough ventilation of the room.

By the way, to get rid of especially corrosive smells, for example, tobacco or onions, and also not to miss their further penetration into the apartment, organize a draft through wet sheets or towels.The fact is that a damp cloth perfectly absorbs unpleasant aromas and does not let them go further.

In order to smell pleasantly in the kitchen, you can also create several zones that will distribute, so to speak, the correct scents on the premises. For these purposes, small decorative vases are ideal, in which you can spread and periodically change ingredients: cinnamon sticks, coffee grains, lemon or orange peel, cotton balls soaked in vanilla solution, and so on.

You can also use aroma oils, incense sticks and other air fresheners, which today can be purchased in stores. However, remember that such remedies do not destroy unpleasant odors, but only block them for a while, while making the air heavier, so they can be used periodically, if necessary. But this fact does not apply to natural fresheners - the flavors they have are not so rich, but absolutely harmless.

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