How to remove pop-up ads?

Intrusive advertising that constantly pops up as you browse through the pages can ruin the mood even for the safest Internet user. Therefore, below we consider how to remove pop-up ads in various browsers.

How to remove pop-up ads: ways

Most often, the problem of pop-up advertising bothers users who sit on the Internet through browsers such as Yandex and Google Chrome, sometimes it appears in Opera. At the same time, the problems of all are the same: at whatever point of the page you click the mouse, advertising pops up, even on pages that have never bothered you. If this problem arose from you, most likely, the AdWare malware got into the computer, although other reasons are possible.

To resolve the situation, there are several ways.

Using special tools

One of the most effective in the fight against pop-up utility. This is a paid utility, but each user is given the opportunity to use it for free the first month since installation. It is enough to solve the problem.After downloading and running the utility, select the item "I am going to scan the system only once." The automatic scanning of the computer system for malicious programs will begin immediately.

When the scan is complete, Hitman Pro will show you a list of all the malware that has been detected on your computer, and you can easily remove it.

Using adblock

Another popular way to eliminate annoying browser ads is to use the AdBlock and AdBlock Plus extensions. Initially, this utility was created for the Mozilla Firefox browser, but later it was adapted for other popular browsers. The principle of this extension is that AdBlock blocks pop-up ads and protects against malicious and fraudulent content. The main disadvantage of AdBlock is that it is not able to block pop-up advertisements that are caused by malware. You can download the extension. Pay attention to the fact that for different browsers you need to download different versions of the utility.

How to remove pop-up ads manually

If ad blocking with the help of special utilities has not brought results, you can try to do it manually. First you need to find a malicious program that has infected your computer.Here are the most popular ones: Pirrit Suggestor, Search Protect, Conduit, Websocial, Webalta, Mobogenie. To find and remove any of these programs, go to the "Control Panel", select the "Programs and Features" tab and carefully review it. If you find one of the above programs, simply delete it and restart your computer.

However, only these actions for manual removal will not be enough.

  1. Next, you need to open the Task Manager, select the Processes tab (for Windows 7) or Details (for later versions of Windows) there.
  2. Then click the button "Display processes for all users." Carefully review the list of running processes and look for one of the above malicious programs in it. If you find something suspicious, right-click on this process and try to complete it.
  3. If the process could not be completed, then right-click on it again, select "Open file location" and fix the file location.
  4. Next, you need to restart the computer in safe mode, go to the "Control Panel", select the "Folder Options" tab and activate the display of hidden and system files.Then find the folder with the malicious file and completely delete it with all its contents.

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