How to remove the "ears" on the hips

How to remove the "ears" on the hips

Beautiful body - the result of hard work. But with the help of physical education, diet and perseverance can be eliminated with any shortcomings of your body, including the "ears" on the hips. These unattractive (from the point of view of the beautiful half of humanity) deposits can be removed only with a comprehensive approach. How to remove the "ears" on the hips? Following the following conditions:

  • First, you need a diet with a limited amount of fat (do not exclude the fat completely, and reduce their number).
  • Secondly, a set of specially selected exercises.
  • Thirdly, regular procedures - anti-cellulite and warming wraps of the problem area, massages, trips to the bath and sauna.
  • Fourth, long walks in quick stride. The main condition that will help remove the “ears” on the hips (exercise, this is of course good, but not always enough) is the active work of the muscles located in this zone. It is walking that makes these muscles work. Get off the transport one stop from the house and walk this distance with a quick step or climb to your floornot on the elevator, but up the stairs.

Only by completing all four conditions, you can make your hips slimmer.

Remove the "ears" on the hips: exercise.

To enhance the effect, you can wear special shorts for weight loss. Due to the bath effect, they will increase blood circulation and, therefore, accelerate the splitting of the fat layer. If there is no shorts, you can achieve a similar effect with cling film: wrap your hips several times and put on warm leggings on top. Here are the exercises that will help make the hips slimmer:

  • Stand straight, back straight, belly slightly retracted. With one hand, stick to the wall or furniture. Flies a straight leg. We do not throw a leg. Slowly, controlling movement, we raise, and also slowly lower. Make a few repetitions to the side (10-15) and the same back. Then another 15 mahov at an angle of 45about(neither back nor to the side). Repeat with the other leg.
  • Shallow squats. Legs are shoulder-width apart, socks look straight. Squat, not taking his heels off the floor. Buttocks stretch back (forget that it is ugly, but those muscles that will remove the “ears” work like this).
  • Lying on the side, lower leg straight, upper lift up.Again controlling the movement, both up and down. Repeat 15-20. Repeat with the other leg.
  • And again lying on its side, the upper leg is straight, the toe is pulled "towards itself." We bring the straight leg forward, return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise with the other leg (reps 15-30).
  • On our knees, we sit down to the right, then to the left of the thighs. The hands to maintain the balance are taken in the opposite direction. You need to repeat this exercise 20 times.
  • The legs are much wider than the width of the shoulders, the toes are turned outwards. Bend your knees. Staying in this position, shake your hips from side to side, then, when your muscles get tired, get up, relax your legs and relax. Then repeat, but move the pelvis back and forth.

If you regularly exercise, stick to a diet and walk, then after a few months your hips will be smooth and slim.

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