How to remove the smell of paint after the repair?

Of course, in an apartment or a house that was recently renovated, it becomes cozier and more beautiful, but the unpleasant specific odors of construction are still in the air for a long time. And if it was only this!

Harmful fumes from paint can negatively affect your health, leading to serious poisoning, which is manifested by headaches, nausea and even vomiting. Of course, it is best to move somewhere for another few days, then the harmful smell of paint will evaporate by itself, but what if there is no such possibility?

We were lucky: the experts had long been bothering about this issue and suggested a considerable number of methods that will help to quickly get rid of the smell of paint. Let's look at the most effective and real ones.

Method number 1. Airing the room. Perhaps the most popular and simple method is simply to ventilate the room in which the repair work was carried out.From a good draft, the smell of paint will disappear completely in about two days, which can be a serious problem if, for example, it is winter outside.

Method number 2. Charcoal. Did you know that charcoal is an excellent absorbent that will quickly cope with even the strongest odors of varnish or paint? Simply place the pieces of coal in several containers, and then place them around the perimeter of the room, after a few hours you will feel a significant relief.

Method number 3. Onion. Onions, something like charcoal, may not so quickly, but also effectively enough to get rid of harmful fumes. Just cut the onion into 4 parts, depending on the size of the room, arrange them around the room: gradually the aromas of the paint will begin to subside, after a while the onion slices can be replaced with new ones.

Method No. 4. Buckets of water. Ordinary running water will help to cope with the problem: collect as many buckets with clean water as possible and arrange them around the room. Clean water quickly absorbs the harmful evaporation, and in the apartment after the repair it will be possible to live again.

Method number 5. Wet sheets or towels.For these purposes, large enough cotton pieces of fabric, best of all - sheets or towels. Wet them in clean water and hang them around the room; every hour, do not forget to rinse them in clean water and hang them again.

Method number 6. Candles. No, we are not talking about a romantic dinner by candlelight, but about an effective method that will help you to correct from the acrid smell of paint. You will need ordinary non-aromatic candles, which you need to light and arrange around the room, and then leave them to burn for a few hours. Be sure, during this time, all dangerous vapors and, of course, caustic colorful flavors are successfully neutralized.

Method number 7. Baking soda. An excellent option, if foul smells soaked furniture or, for example, carpet. Just scatter the soda with a thin layer on the surface and so leave it overnight. During this time, she will absorb everything, and you will only need to vacuum the carpet to get rid of soda.

Method number 8. Lemon. The principle of action is similar to baking soda: it must be cut into thin slices, and then spread around the perimeter of the apartment. After the lobules absorb the smell, they can be discarded and expanded.

How to kill the smell of paint?

To disguise the unpleasant fumes, you can use the powerful aroma of coffee, for this it is enough to brew a few mugs of a strong drink and arrange it around the room.

Of course, it will not relieve you completely from the smell of paint, but it will make it possible to be indoors. In addition, the problem will help to cope with vanilla oil or mint: just dissolve a few drops of the agent in a bowl with water and leave it near the painted surfaces.

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