How to repair a bath

You will need
  • * respirator with breathing cartridge;
  • * brush;
  • * epoxy enamel consisting of a hardener and the base 1-2 sets;
  • * color color;
  • * grinding tool;
  • * detergent;
Choosing enamel in the store do not save. It is better to take expensive Finnish than our epoxin or epovin. For the first time, take not 1, but 2 sets of hardener + base. And in the future, be safe. If you want to make your bath color, then purchase and color scheme. Remember that if your bath has already been colored, then you should not hope that with one time you can block the color of the old coating.
Preparation of the bath consists in degreasing, creating a rough coating to increase the contact area between the old and the new coating, applying enamel and curing.
Remove all plums and gaskets from the bath. There should be only a metal case. Rinse the bath with dish detergent. It should be completely fat free.
Make the bath rough. Rinse twice to degrease.Then process it with a grinder with a grinding wheel or an abrasive bar. If chips and cracks appear on the bottom or in other places, they should be removed with a grinding tool. After that, walk along the bottom of the cord to remove perennial dirt and rust from all the cracks. The main criterion for proper processing: the nail with which you pass along the enamel does not slip, but scratches the bath. After that, rinse the bath twice with detergent. It is better to take the "Toilet Duckling", "Sanoks" or "Adrilan" and pour a bath for half an hour with them. Then you will be absolutely sure that the bath is skimmed. Rinse off any product with hot water. After drying, vacuum the bath to remove all dust.
The bath is ready for enamel application. Spread the newspapers on the floor, place the enamel container. Pour both components into it and mix until smooth with a stick. You will need a stiff wide fleytsevaya brush (at least 7 cm wide).
Dip the brush into the container and apply the enamel with a thin layer on the edges around the perimeter of the bath, then the sides. After a brush along the bottom, and blend enamel. Alternating vertical and horizontal movements, apply the first primer coat of enamel to the entire bath. The second layer is applied similarly. Without waiting for the drying of the previous layer.Carefully handle all sides of the bath.
For the third layer, dissolve the second set of enamel and act similarly. Enamel should be evenly distributed over the entire surface. You can determine this by swiping with a brush. If everywhere it slides the same way, then you have achieved the desired effect. Pour the rest of the enamel on the bottom and smooth it out.
After 15 minutes, remove the drips as follows: brush smear them from bottom to top. After that, look into the bath several times until the enamel stops flowing.
Close the bath for 4 days. After that, you can use it.

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