How to restore hair after lightening?

If you have become a stunning blonde, perhaps the payback for this was hard - now you need to restore your hair after lightening at home. What to do now and how to help yourself?

What happened during the clarification and the plan of salvation

Imagine enlarged hair - it looks like a tree. If you carry out the procedure of whitening (bleaching), then the dark pigment, which gives color, is removed by chemical method from the middle of the hair. Now the “tree” looks like an empty frame, as if thousands of woodpeckers hollowed out the whole core. The price you pay for each blond curl: a significant thinning of hair, loss of health, unpresentable appearance (dull, dirty, peeling, unnatural), split ends.

The darker was the initial color, the more powerful the lightening should be - the worse the condition of the hair will be.

At the chemical level, the following happens: with ammonia, scales with hair “paint” (cuticle) are opened, allowing hydrogen peroxide to penetrate unhindered to the center — the cortex — and remove all unnecessary colors, that is, pigments.Due to their destruction and deformation, keratin (the protein from which the hair is built) is also washed out. Painted blondes need to have information on how to restore hair after lightening.

For recovery it is required to take steps in the following directions:

  • to activate the recovery of keratin protein production (using special shampoos),
  • reduce the destructive effects of the hairstyle (drying, straightening, painting, frequent washing of the head),

How to restore hair after lightening?

  • use regenerating hair masks after lightening,
  • moisten and soften curls
  • feed and sate with useful minerals and vitamins.

Nourishing regenerating hair masks after lightening

For urgent feeding of tired hair with useful substances such masks are used:

Burdock oil contains vitamin C, tannins, resinous, essential substances.

  • Oily mixed. If you combine one drop of olive, castor, coconut, ylang-ylang oil, then the effect will be 100%.
  • Bread. Nettle, chamomile and plantain (dried), take a teaspoon and brew a cup of boiling water.After a few minutes of waiting, add a slice of black bread to the infusion. After two hours, filter the solution until a homogeneous slurry forms. Instead of bread, use complex vitamins of group B from the pharmacy.
  • Glycerin. For cooking you need: egg yolk, six teaspoons of vinegar and glycerin, about half a cup of castor oil. The heated mixture of the listed ingredients is applied gently to the hair according to the general rules of masking.
  • Egg-honey. To one chicken egg mix three teaspoons of olive oil and honey. The solution is easier to apply warm, and washed off with shampoo.
  • Life-giving. Squeeze in a dining or dessert spoon of juice from the pulp of aloe leaves, the same amount of olive oil, pour a spoonful of liquid honey. Add the egg, removing the pre-protein, and mix.
  • Cognac. 30 ml of brandy, 50 mg of honey, 30 ml of oil from grape seeds, mix, apply.

How to restore hair after lightening?

How to restore hair after lightening at home with dairy products

Among the thick-haired beauties known ways to solve the problem with the help of milk, sour cream, kefir.

Here are a few options for milk masks, compiled from reviews:

  1. Connect 10 teaspoons of sour cream, 1 yolk and a spoonful of liquid honey, but without candied pieces.
  2. Kefir needs only 30 ml, 2 pcs. yolk, cocoa and castor oil - for 1 small teaspoon. Mix the ingredients thoroughly to completely accommodate both cocoa and yolk with kefir, then the mixture is ready for spreading.
  3. If there is one kefir in the fridge, do not be discouraged! Spread it on your head, just do not forget to protect yourself in advance from greasy milk spots.
  4. Instead of yogurt or sour cream, yogurt will suit yogurt, and in some editions mayonnaise is added.
  5. Fruit kefir. Pureed one banana pulp, three teaspoons of honey and vegetable oil (preferably burdock or olive), 50 ml of kefir (yogurt) mixed, spread over the entire area of ​​the hair and the hair part of the head.

So that you do not get dirty after application, wrap your head tightly with cellophane and a warm scarf. It is better to remove the mask after two or three hours.

Dairy products for hair act for at least one and a half hours.

Rules for the use of hair masks

By the way, forming a film that does not wash off special masks is worth trying for an emergency recovery.

There are many recipes, and the technology is the same for almost all the means used. Remember a few rules before starting rehabilitation therapy:

  • Warm up masks before applying, especially honey - the effect is better and the scalp is more comfortable.
  • Conventional mixtures hold from thirty minutes to an hour, dairy and oil - 2-3 hours. If it is convenient, you can apply such a long-lasting medicine for the whole night.
  • The intensity of the course on hair nutrition is determined during treatment and recovery, the frequency of procedures - every day or once a week.

How to restore hair after lightening?

  • For better contact with active ingredients, rub the prepared solution into the scalp and nearby hair with careful movements.
  • Wear a waterproof swim cap from above.
  • After completely washing off the mask, rinse the faded curls with a decoction of chamomile or nettle - this will provide a lively shine.
  • Rinsing with a few drops of lemon makes hair shine stronger.

If you have no time or laziness to prepare fresh natural masks, buy ready-made in pharmacies or look in the supermarket. Mask choose unexpired expiration date.As part of the presence of keratin, vitamins, amino acids and glutamic acid.

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