How to send a sticker without sending SMS

You will need
  • - any payment system that works with the project "My World".
Go to the page of the user to whom you want to donate a sticker on the website of the project "My World". Choose the appropriate action, and a window with available options will open. Click on the sticker you like, then, if necessary, enter a message for the recipient. Specify privacy options for your gift. You can make it visible to other users, hide the sender and so on.
Click on the button "Pay and send", after which the system will automatically transfer you to the choice of means of payment. Further, following the instructions of the system, replenish the balance with one of the above methods. In the Yandex.Money or WebMoney services, select the purchase of a digital product in social networks and point to the My World project.
When paying for such services via the Internet, try to use bank cards as rarely as possible, since there have been frequent interceptions of keystrokes when entering details.Always check your computer for spyware and periodically check the list of current processes in the task manager.
If you want to make a gift in another similar social network, repeat this sequence, changing only the name of the service when paying. Please note that obscure sites may not support payment by alternative services; specify details on the main page of the project.

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