How to set up a PDA to have Internet in 2018

If your PDA has a GSM module, i.e. SIM card to be installed, Internet setup will be carried out directly through the menu of the device. If your PDA is based on the Windows Mobile operating system, to configure the connection, go to the "Start" menu - "Settings". In the appeared item call the section "Connection", after transition into which click on the label "Connection".
You will be offered a choice of Internet activation options. Click on the My ISP button and select “Add dial-up connection”. If the ISP section is missing, click on the item “Advanced” - “Select network” - My ISP.
Specify the name for your Internet connection in Latin letters. After that, click on the "Modem" section and select "GPRS". Click the Next button to select the APN entry point. Enter the access point on which the connection will be made (for example, or internet, depending on your cellular operator).Click "Next" and, if necessary, fill in the fields "Username" and "Password". Click “Finish” and restart the machine to apply the changes.
If there is no internet on your phone, the connection will be made via your computer. To do this, activate the Bluetooth function of your device through the “Start” - “Bluetooth” - “Settings”, and then turn on “Discovery”, “Security” and “Network access”. Also activate the Bluetooth PAN mode and configure the Internet connection in accordance with the instructions for SIM-enabled devices. Reboot the device.
To configure the connection on your computer, turn on Bluetooth, click on the "Start" button - "Devices and Printers". After that, right-click on the icon of your device and select “Authorize” after sending the request for authorization from the PDA itself. Setting up the Internet connection through the PC is complete.

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