How to sign an application with a certificate

You will need
  • - mobile phone with symbian os;
  • - Personal Computer;
  • - USB cable.
Download the SISSigner archive with additional programs. The “cert” folder has a “mykey” file inside. Replace the original with the “SISSigner” installation file. To begin, install the SISSigner program, then replace the cert file with an additional archive. Now you have a personal certificate with a key (which you received in advance) andattachmentfor signature.
Go to the signature of the application. Let's consider how to do this with the help of the SISSigner program. Go to the folder with the program "SISSigner". We copy the received certificate (file “cer”) and key (file “key”). After that we transfer them to the folder with the program, or a game for a smartphone, which must be signed.
Run “SisSinger” and specify the paths to the files in it: the path to the key “key” (which you received in advance when ordering) and to the certificate “cer” (which you also received in advance). Enter the password for the “key” file (standard 12345678), and for the program you want to sign.The certificate and key files can be not renamed - the main thing in the SisSinger program is to correctly specify the path to them. Click the "Sign" button. NowattachmentSigned and can be downloaded to your phone.
There is a second way. To sign useattachment"Signsis". This program does not require working with the “DOS” command line and entering paths in the program itself. You just need to install and configure it only once. After that, you will have the opportunity to sign programs that are located anywhere on your hard drive. We download and extract the “Signsis” archive. There are four files in this archive: “install1.bat”, “install2.bat”, “uninstall.bat”, “signsis.exe”. We copy them into the same directory where we extracted our certificate and key. We rename the certificate to “cert.cer” and the key to “cert.key”. Open the file “install1.bat” in notepad and change the parameter “set password1” to any other password (standard 12345678).
By the program, we change the path to the folder in the values ​​of “set disk_ins” and “set app_path2”. In this installation example, the program is in the folder: D: Nokia6290sign_sis. Therefore, you need to change this value to the following: set disk_ins = D: set app_path = Nokia / 6290 / sign_sis. Save the file in Notepad by clicking on "Save." Run the file "install1.bat". If everything is done correctly, then you will get the item: “Sign it with personalcertificate". Chooseattachmentto sign.Click: “Sign personalcertificate". At the end of the process, a hacked file will appear next to the unsigned file, and the word “signed” will be added to its name.

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