How to smooth a leather jacket?

How to smooth a leather jacket? 0

Method number 1.
The easiest way to smooth a rumpled leather jacket is to take it, hang it on a standard coat hanger and let it hang. This method is suitable in cases where the leather from which your leather jacket was sewn is thin enough, and also if your leather jacket has not been hung on a hanger before.

Method number 2.
If the first method did not help you, then take your leather jacket along with the coat hanger and transfer it to the bathroom. Then open the hot shower and close the door to the bathroom. Thus, the jacket a little steamed, which will help her more quickly to finish. Just do not forget to make sure that the water does not fall on the jacket. It will only get worse.

Method number 3.
If you have a handheld steam generator, then you can use it to locally steam off the most dented areas of a leather jacket. Keep the steam generator at a distance of 10 centimeters from the leather jacket to avoid the accumulation of condensation on the skin surface. This is the same water that can ruin the look of your leather jacket.You can also use an iron with a steam generator.

Method number 4.
The fourth way is to iron your leather jacket with an iron. Move the position of the iron thermostat by one so that the iron is not too hot. You can iron directly on the skin, but I do not recommend it. It is better to first try to iron it through wrapping paper, you know, the packages are wrapped in such paper, or through cloth. Do not switch on the steam generator.

Method number 5.
The fifth method is as simple as the first. Just take your jacket to a special dry cleaning leather goods. There you will not only be petted, but also cleaned before the new cold weather season.

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