How to start a scooter?

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How to start a scooter?

So, you bought a scooter (moped), or he got you as a gift. And if, by coincidence, you do not even know how to start this car, do not be discouraged: now we will tell you how to start a scooter and what to do if it does not start or you have lost your keys.

How to start a scooter in two ways

If you are going to start a scooter for the first time, check whether gasoline is in the tank — if not, then you need to refuel. Do not worry if the moped will wind up at first. Next you need to make sure that the scooter rests on the footboard. Having inserted the ignition key, turn it to the “ON” mark: the dashboard will light up immediately, and the arrow indicating the fuel level will take off from the zero mark. There are two options for how to start the engine. Let's consider them.

  • Option one: using a kickstarter. In this case, the engine starts always. It is especially useful to use this method after you have not used the scooter for a long time, as well as when the battery is discharged.To do this, you need to properly press a few times with your foot on the kickstarter’s folded leg (until the moped starts). Sometimes it is necessary to press a foot on the kick starter many times in order for the engine to start, and this is normal.
  • Option Two: using electric starter. This method can only be used with a valid battery. It is also very convenient if you move a lot on a scooter or make frequent stops. To do this, push the brake lever and press the starter button while holding the brake. Next, you need to hold the button until the engine starts, and then release.

How to start a scooter without a key

There are various unpleasant situations when the key can be lost. To avoid this problem, it is better to make at least one spare key in advance. But if you still did not take care of a spare key, but you need to go, you can contact a specialist who will help solve the problem, or try to start a scooter yourself. Now we will tell how to do it.

So, to get access to the ignition lock, you must remove the front shield.The contactor is screwed to the lock, you should unscrew the 2 screws and remove it. Next, using a flat screwdriver, turn the core until it stops. Sometimes the turn is possible to the penultimate position, it is a safe mode of starting the engine (so that the scooter will not leave the place without your desire).

If suddenly the ignition lock turns out to be unassembled, it is necessary to remove the chip from it and find the contact pair of ignition. Remember, the above recommendations do not guarantee that the scooter will start, as the inept handling of the ignition lock can lead to its breakage.

Little about management

In fact, driving a scooter is easy, you just need to know what and where is located. On the left side there is a rear brake lever, on the right - the front. On the right side there is also a steering wheel, which also needs to be gassed with the help of rotation. There is also a beep and starter button, as well as various switches (lights, turn signals, etc.). That's the whole dashboard.

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