How to stop smoking smoker with "experience"

To begin with, try to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day, daily reducing the amount by 1 or 2 cigarettes. Take a strictly defined standard for work or school and try not to “shoot” cigarettes from colleagues and fellow students. If there is a strong desire to smoke, then try to postpone this phenomenon for at least 5-10 minutes, engaging yourself in some work.

Try to last only one week without cigarettes, promising yourself that you are just doing an experiment. Such a little trick is perceived much easier than a harsh and firm decision to abandon your favorite habit until the end of your life. When you last a week without cigarettes, your life will be divided into “cigarette” and “new”, and you will immediately feel all the benefits of life without nicotine. This is life when you will be filled with pride and respect for yourself, proving to yourself that you have the power of will. You will get rid of bad breath, bruises will disappear under the eyes, and you will also save a lot of money.

As often as possible, praise yourself and encourage. Buy what you have long dreamed of, but could not decide.Go to an unplanned vacation, make repairs in the apartment, update the wardrobe. Thus, you simply do not get the moral right to step back and abandon the decision to break the habit.

Try to be as little as possible in the smoking team, since the principle of the monkey always works in smoking - if a friend lit a cigarette, then you drag after a cigarette and a lighter.

Find yourself an interesting hobby, whether playing sports or cross stitching. This will take your free time, and you will think less about cigarettes and less likely to be distracted by smoking.

As a rule, the more we drink, the more we are drawn to smoke. Therefore, reduce the amount of alcohol consumed to a minimum during festive meals.

Choose for yourself the most appropriate way to combat smoking on the site. The portal lists many ways and tips, presented a handy tool.

Quit smoking will help an experienced psychotherapist. The doctor will prescribe antidepressants that can help you cope with irritation, anxiety, anger, and other symptoms that darken your life when trying to break a bad habit.As a rule, they act on brain receptors that are stimulated by nicotine and therefore the brain continues to think that nicotine continues to enter the body, although in reality this does not occur.

And most importantly, you yourself must want to quit smoking. This desire must be born to you, and not be caused outside. As soon as you really want to get rid of addiction, you will definitely quit smoking, because when there is a desire, there are no obstacles.

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