How to store a fur coat?

Alena Radostina
Alena Radostina
July 5, 2012
How to store a fur coat?

Proper storage will help extend the life of the fur. There are two ways to store fur: at home or in special refrigerators that maintain optimal temperature and humidity. Such refrigerators are used in the atelier, in which your fur coat will be cleaned and fur will be brought in proper condition. But this method of storage has disadvantages, this service is expensive and not available in all cities. With careful storage and care, a fur coat can serve its owner for more than one season. Consider how to store a fur coat at home below.

  • Storage space should be dark and cool, not permeable by sunlight and away from heaters. The skin can become brittle and stiff from heat. And from exposure to sunlight, fur can burn out or change color.
  • To carry out processing of things and places of storage from an undesirable pest - moths. Means to fight can be - fumigation, evaporating, it repels the mole, it can also be lavender, you should not use naphthalene,as it is a dangerous carcinogen.
  • If the coat is wet in case of sleet or rain, then you should not dry the fur coat with a hair dryer or near the battery. It can only spoil it. To dry a fur coat, you need to shake it well and hang it in a ventilated room. After the fur coat dries it can be combed, but you should not do it with a mink coat.

How to store a fur coat in the closet

  • Store only in hanging position;
  • The hangers should be wide with soft shoulder blades;
  • So that the fur coat is not wrinkled and does not lose its shape, it should not come into contact with other items of clothing;
  • The fur coat must undergo dry cleaning;
  • The fur coat should be placed in a special cover made of natural and breathable fabric.

How to store a fur coat in the summer

All of the above rules are suitable for storing fur coats in the summer. Particular attention should be paid to light-colored fur coats, they should be placed in special blue covers so that the fur does not turn yellow over the summer. It should ventilate the cabinet with fur products, once a month, hang out on the balcony in a dark place without sunlight.

How to store a mink coat

  • Hide the mink coat from: heat, sun and chemicals.
  • Hang a mink coat on a wide soft hanger, inflated with air or covered with a soft material.
  • Put the fur coat in the cover (natural fabric).
  • In the closet where the coat is stored, you can put a small container with water.
  • Nothing should hamper the mink coat during storage.
  • 2-3 times during storage you need to ventilate the coat.
  • Once a month you need to comb a fur coat.
  • If the fur coat is placed in a cool room for 4 days, then the mole will die (-9 to -12 degrees).

These simple rules contribute to the preservation of fur coats for many years.

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