How to teach the brain to learn? We ask psychologists

Earlier in my articles I mentioned that the human brain does not forget anything. It works like a computer and stores everything a person has ever passed: this is 5.5 petabytes of information - 300 years of continuous viewing of video. If one shortest thought is translated into a video format, it will take at least 10 seconds. So consider. Conclusion: the brain is constantly learning and improving every minute. That is, if you had the opportunity to compare your brain today with yesterday, today would be different. Because of the information received in the last 24 hours. Therefore, scientists advise to lead a quality lifestyle: read good books, watch a good movie. The better you eat, the more perfect the computer system of your brain.

If you are a genius, a talented artist, you need one approach. But to math - the other. After numerous studies, scientists found that it is impossible to become a genius without an innate talent.But even without support, genius will not be so. And what are they doing today, for example, in most general education schools? They are all the same. Alas. It is worth getting bad on one subject, success in others will not help the child get rid of the stigma "Troychnik". Although scientists have proved that an ordinary troechnik or dvoechnik can have a very high intelligence. If you are strong in one, but weak in another, this does not mean that you are stupider than those who have equally good academic performance in all subjects.

How to teach the brain to learn? We ask psychologists

Is the genius Alexander Pushkin would pass today the exam in mathematics? Never in my life. Even if you create all the necessary conditions for it. But this does not cancel his genius. I know one very talented physicist, a professor at Moscow State University. Colleagues have high hopes for him. He is given absolutely incredible things. But at the same time he makes three mistakes in the simplest word. It is mistaken where it would seem impossible to be mistaken. And scientists are just advised to develop their strengths and not torture themselves with what is not given. It's useless. Especially for children. If the child does not go to mathematics, then you do not need to demand from him fives. Otherwise, there is a risk to break the psyche of the child.Estimates are just numbers, but not an indicator of your level of intelligence. It would be good for parents to remember that Albert Einstein was wanted to be kicked out of school for academic failure. And some teachers considered him a weak-minded.

This is what concerns the individual approach. Without it, nowhere. Let us pass to the general postulates concerning the development and training of the brain.

  • In the course of the research, scientists found out that nothing affects the ability of the brain to memorize and retrieve information (to remember) in time as well as playing music. To the extent that if a person has a genetic predisposition to Alzheimer's disease, thanks to music lessons in childhood, the development of this disease in old age will slow down for as many as five years! This is a scientific fact. In people with music education, the brain functions very cleanly, stays in clear working condition longer.
  • The brain is arranged in the image of a computer. And he needs a reboot. That is, sleep and rest. It often happens that students prepare for the exam only for the last night. Or the last day and night. And like even during this time have time to learn all the tickets. And even the same ticket comes across.And like a student taught and knows the answer to the question, but in the head confusion, thoughts in a bunch can not be collected. In the end - retake. Then the next morning the student wakes up and easily gives the same answer. In general, on the night before the exam, scientists advise to sleep. The same applies to presentations at work, etc.
  • Preparing for an exam or presentation is better according to this scheme: two days to study the material, the third day - for easy repetition and rest. The night before day X is a long deep sleep.
  • The ideal method of memorization for the brain is this: carefully read the outline, thought, read it again. Postponed for a week. A week later, once again carefully read. Then three days later they read it. And again after 1 hour.
  • Cramming is good only after understanding the essence of the text. No other way. Everyone has their own way of learning. Someone has a well-developed visual memory, someone motor or auditory. It is not easy to memorize complex scientific texts. Here you can use the supporting words and theses. If complex text cannot be learned, it can be compressed into a simple plan.
  • High brain activity is observed from 6 to 11 in the morning. And from 4 days to 7 pm. Plus or minus.This is an ideal time to work with information, memorization, analytics.
  • When recording lectures, use simple foreign words. That is, replace, for example, Russian prepositions with English: in-in, on-on. Instead of the phrase "point of view" draw an eye. The more foreign words in “Russian” lectures, the better you will learn the material. Start with why, when, who, usually, &, etc ...
  • The brain works worse on a full stomach. Therefore, before the exam or presentation, it is better not to eat up, but simply to douse the worm with a cup of coffee with a cookie.

How to teach the brain to learn? We ask psychologists

Your questions:

Maria, 19 years old, Moscow

I study at the Faculty of Foreign Languages, second year. And each session for me is a test of my nervous system. I do hard, prepare. But I can not cope with anxiety. During the exam, when I sit down with a ticket in front of the instructor, my hands tremble terribly and my tongue falters. Even when I know the answer, because of the excitement, I can not express my thought. And from the side it looks all strange. Once the teacher asked me to go out into the corridor and calm down. But I became even more agitated and even burst into tears. My excitement grows into panic.I understand that this is already a clinic.

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