How to tear off old wallpaper quickly

Vinyl wallpapers

Let's start with vinyl wallpaper. The basis of them is paper, and the top is polyvinyl chloride film. They are removed easily. Just scratch the wallpaper with something sharp, wet it with water. Wait - moisture should penetrate under the canvases. Then pull the upper corners of the wallpaper and that's it! Vinyl wallpapers are not torn, but are removed in whole stripes. So here everything is elementary.

Washable wallpaper

Here, too, make incisions on the wallpaper and moisten them. Removed too simply, however, in the same way removed non-woven wallpaper.

Paper wallpaper

Here things are a little different. They are thin, torn, so they are usually separated in small pieces. Therefore, first, too, cut the wallpaper, moisten them. It is desirable to add vinegar or ordinary fabric softener to the water. Wait twenty minutes, then remove the wallpaper with a spatula. If pieces remain on the walls, moisten them again with water.

By the way, the masters use a steam generator when removing old strips from the walls. Under the influence of hot steam paper with glue moves away from the wall very easily.

If the wallpaper was glued to the glue of PVA or some other that can not be dissolved with plain water, you will have to scrape them manually. But to simplify the process will help the drill with special nozzles or a sharp spatula. Choose a tool that is more convenient for you.

In general, there are many options for how to quickly peel off old wallpaper from the walls. So it remains to wish a successful repair!

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